SWIFT Problem

Hi everybody. Lets say for example. I withdraw 850usd with swift. It writes that 25 less transaction fee. Thats okay, now i have 825usd. Instead of 825usd i got 790 usd for example. I contacted the bank and they said 790 usd sent to your account for example. So this happening for 2 months. Any idea where the heck that 35usd gone ? Did envato changed any policies recently ?

The same for me.
Maybe I am wrong, but I think, 25$ fee is for Envato + fee for the bank which will send you money (in this case 35$) to your bank.

And yes, I always get -60$ at the end (25$ + 35$).

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Exactly its just started in recent 2 or 3 months. Do we know exact problem in here ? Is it something related that intermediate bank thing ?