Payoneer website blocked for Russia (Feb 2021)

There is no access to the Payoneer payment system in Russia. Does anyone have similar problems?


Blocked by the RF Prosecutor’s Office.


There are two active accounts from Payoneer staff here, ask to @Melisa_Payoneer or @Rachel_Payoneer about this issue.

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Asked a question to Melisa and Rachel. Not answered yet.
The withdrawal date is approaching. What if there is no access to the payment system …? Write who is from Russia, maybe everything works for someone.

Withdrawal date is 17 days from now, please be patient, I’m sure an official reply will come much, much, much sooner! :blush:


I think they will open this question in the near future. I already wrote about this yesterday.

This topic is really important!

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Hi All,

Thanks for the tag.

We are aware that some users in Russia are having difficulty accessing our website. We have reached out to the relevant entities to determine the cause, and we are working continuously to resolve this matter as soon as possible. While you may be unable to access the website or your account, your funds are secure.


Dear Melisaa_Payoneer.
Till solve this issue, it is comfortable to restore the access by using proxy server like vpn?
Kindly let me know,


We don’t know. We are working continuously to resolve this matter as soon as possible.

Here if you have any other questions I can assist with.


Heya @Melisa_Payoneer , I marked one of your answers as the solution to the initial question until you investigate further! Please feel free to tag me if a permanent resolve is found and I’ll mark your reply as the solution so others can see it faster. Cheers and thanks for stepping in! :slight_smile:


Hi. I made a withdrawal on monday, got a confirmation email and still not received my money. Is there any problems here with withdrawals?

Hi @LumenMedia,
I’ve DMd you so I can look into this and further assist.

Hi @Melisa_Payoneer,
Same case as @LumenMedia says happened to me… withdrawal on monday morning and got a confirmation email “the funds will be deposited in your bank account today” but the transaction is completed on tuesday afternoon, it was not the case before.
If you can check what happens with withdrawal, last month there were also problems (funds standing on under review for days, one payment even a month without any reason)…
I use Payoneer over six years and never no issue with withdrawal as in the last two months.

All ok, after delay in one day

Hello! I ordered a Payoneer card on January 12, but I still haven’t received it. what is the reason?

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Don’t trust Payneer. Don’t mess with Payneer. If they were blocked in Russia, then there were reasons.
P.S. And if my comment is blocked again, then I will not be lazy and write it again.

What reason?

Sounds strange, can you tell us more? With the facts! * We will be happy to hear from you! :blush:

Do you have any documents confirming the violation by the Payoneer? Or something else? :blush:

Thank you in advance!

I don’t know. I also don’t know why Pioneer blocked my account. But the account was blocked. Nobody explained the reasons to me. The money was partially returned to me.
Before that, I used Payneer for six years and everything was fine. During these six years, I had accounts on various music selling sites, I worked hard to get these accounts to work well, and then I was deprived of the opportunity to receive the money I earned. Without explaning the reason. If I had not used Payneer, I would not have spent several years of my life working with these sites. These are the facts. Are you happy?