Paid for Envato Elements subscription, but haven't received tuts+ subscription

I have paid Envato Elements subscription because I wanted to access a specific course, I tried everything, activating tuts+ subscription through the mail, through envato elements website, on tuts+ website, all of the above multiple times, tried on different browsers, different devices, I also sent a ticket to support, they haven’t responded yet (I sent a ticket an hour ago, but mail says it might take up to 3 days, the weekend is coming, which is also scary since I have a week to finish a project on a topic I planned to learn from the course that I expected to gain access to today)


when You sign in tuts+ using the same Elements Account you will see as like this:

there is a button ‘Subscribe with Elements’ if you click on that button what will happen!


Same problem here. I’ve emailed support, but it looks like it’ll be awhile before they can respond. Just thought you’d like to know you’re not alone!

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That doesn’t work, unfortunately.
When I click on “Subscribe with Elements” I am sent to the home screen:

And when I click on “subscribe with envato elements”, I am sent to envato elements page where it shows that I am subscribed to envato elements:

Which you can see since in the top right it says switch to annual because I am on a monthly plan.

I tried clicking that button (subscribe with elements) and it simply redirects me to the elements page. Still no access to Tuts+

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For this I suggest getting in touch with Envato Elements Help and Support. They’ll most certainly get this solved in the shortest possible time. As this is a bundle deal, it can cause minor issues here and there. Use the link above and they’ll assist you shortly! :blush:

I surely hope so, I already sent a ticket, as long as they can resolve it within a day or two I will be happy.

It all depends on the volume of tickets, you can be sure the support staff works overtime to get to everyone in the shortest possible time, but with a community this size, volumes of tickets may vary quite significantly from day to day! Rest assured it will definitely be resolved! Cheers! :slight_smile:

It was resolved, props to the time for such a fast response.

We have awesome support staff! Very glad all’s good! Cheers and have an amazing weekend! :slight_smile:

@Zapp0 - please could you clarify how the issue got resolved. I am having the same issue. Thanks