Can't access any paid Tuts courses despite subscription

I have the invoice in my inbox and my understanding was that I was paying for the tutorials. I’m unable to access any of them beyond the free ones. I’ve already opened a help ticket but the automated message said a response could take up to a week (!).

Please advise.

support team will reply you as quickly they can. for weekend can be some delay. please keep patience hope you will get reply soon. Thanks

I have this problem too. I’m subscribed and am paying the monthly charge but I can only access some free tutorials and my subscription is not being recognised on Envato Tuts even though I’ve pressed the unlock link numerous times. It keep throwing me out. I’ve also been told I might have to wait for a weeks to hear back, please help, I need to do certain tutorials for work.


Please contact Elements Support. Elements Support Team will be happy to help.


I’ve already done this and have had only an automated response saying that I might have to wait seven days.

it is probable time but they will reply as quickly they can. Also current world wide situation is a consideration matter. Thanks for your patience.

I got the same problem. pls fix soon

please contact support. they will assist you.

@jabvent @jkalay I’m not sure if you’re still having trouble with your account, but I wanted to pass on that the Envato developers have found a problem that was causing new subscriptions to sometimes not activate.

So, you might give it another try now and see if it’s working!

having this issue also, any fix?

@neonsparks2020 replied to your own thread. hope you will get solution from support soon.