I dont get access to Tuts even though I have subbed for 3 days


I know this isnt the proper place to ask, but I wrote 2 tickets now and the approx. answering time of 7 days is unacceptable. Tuts where one of the main reasons I have subbed to Elements. After subbing I headed over to envato tuts and logged in through my Envato Elements account which all worked without problems, but on Tuts there is no sub in my account, I dont have acces to the content. I already lost 3 days of my subscription and the service is at least horrible. If there are no officials on the forums maybe some of you users can give me a hint.

Kind Regards


Please contact Elements Support. Elements Support Team will be happy to help.


First of all, I think its nice that you trying to help the community with your knowledge even if you aren’t an official from Envato. But if you don’t even read the post, please don’t answer to it. If you would have read the first sentence, you wouldnt have written that. I already wrote 2 tickets…

I have given you elements support link so that if you didn’t open ticket in elements then you can go with the right track.
support team will reply your open ticket as quickly they can. for weekend can be some delay. please keep patience hope you will get reply soon.

please don’t create multiple tickets which can make more delay because of open ticket volume.

The first ticket was written on thursday, not on weekend, so theres no reason for a huge 7 day delay, this is just extreme, especially for thing that should work out of the box. As I am seeing in the forums I am not the only one with that problem. And as the customers literally do not get what they have paid for, this should be fixed after hours.

7 days is an approximate time but they will reply as quickly they can. As Saturday and Sunday weekend so there is a possibility you will get reply Monday/Tuesday. Please give them time to check your ticket and also need give them time to investigate the issues. Hope you understand what I mean. Thanks for your Patience.

@ShadyXV I’m not sure if you’re still having trouble with your account, but I wanted to pass on that the Envato developers have found a problem that was causing new subscriptions to sometimes not activate.

So, you might give it another try now and see if it’s working!