Our favorite genre "Corporate" - Percussion libraries

Hey, what percussion libraries do you recommend for “Corporate” genre (Kontakt or separate vst), maybe there are some ready samples, loops?

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Something like that https://instaud.io/3zIV

I would be very grateful if someone just recognized the individual perc instruments (this massive, epic ones) from this file

Heya, I am no corporate guru, but if you could find a decent 707 or 909 library, which is usually quite easy to find, you can get a lot done with eq, pitch shifting, ASDR & compression. If you would like a house style corporate track, that is.

That library you presented in the link is heavocity damage (i think) which have some very nice cinematic percussions, best to steer clear of the loop libraries tho.

Some nice individual big style hits in that library would be the plastics ensemble within damage. They dont have a pitch so you can get a big sound without conflicting pitches.

I hope this helps you :slight_smile:

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Hi, thank you very much for the answer :grinning:. I just have this library, I will try to find these sounds. Are you able to say what name had this insturment at (0:01.4) this some kind of “epic slap, clap” ?

or maybe it is “designed sound” :thinking:

Yeh, i think if you can layer a few things you can achieve that sound, for example you could flam some claps, find a loose tambourine & a punchy dubstep heavily compressed snare, you could create your own, alternatively it should be somewhere in Damage. Ultimately, I think that designing it yourself will give you more flexibility & unique characteristics.

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For people who by chance would have the same question as I have, I found a very nice post here The Setup of your Bestseller :wink:

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