Rejected Corporate Tech

Hello. My corporate tech track was rejected. Can I get an opinion? Thanks.

“Corporate Tech” generally refers to tracks that could be used for promotional videos for technology / medical / pharmaceutical companies and the like.

Without getting into the structure or composition of your track, the overall sound you’ve chosen for this piece is way too aggressive and dissonant for that intended use.

Had you chosen a different category - Experimental, Abstract for example - your track might not have been rejected outright. It might have received a soft reject for other reasons, but at the very least, it would be somewhat appropriate for its genre.

Can a mistake in choosing the category to be a reason for hard reject?

  1. There’s too much stuff going on at the same time.
  2. Nothing new happens after 30 seconds. I’m expecting a strong beat at some point but it never comes. A breakdown with the nice melody would also be nice. After 30 seconds it sounds like a loop until the end.

I agree with @prestashopthemes.
Loose the scratching sounds in the beginning (don’t know how to call it). Maybe further on somewhere (but not during the full length). More progression/other sound and maybe a better ending?
Just a few suggestions on my part.

Thanks for feedback)

The bassline is eating up the other frequencies and overall it’s probably too busy with the percussion and maybe a bit too hard for the intended use. But you know what? I like your style!! Following you! :grinning:

This is not Corporate Tech genre. Most of such music used as background for narrator voice. This track is not suitable for it.