Please recommend library for percussion music.

I want to try to create something in the Percussion genre, all those famous tracks with only drums and percussion. But this this a new genre for me and i don’t have much experience with it. So far i struggle to find that kind of drum samples. Its too much orchestral feel or too much electronic.

I’d very appreciate if somebody could recommend me something. Thanks!

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You can try the free drum libraries for Kontakt, or the free VST drum tools, and layer each beat, so you can get original drums, and write a percussion track.

Thank you for your reply, but I don’t want free library. I can purchase a good one, I just can’t find the exact drums I need for this genre.
For example like in this track : Percussive Energetic Upbeat Action & Sports by StockSounds | AudioJungle

I can guess, it could be original single samples, but maybe there is a similar library at least to start somewhere?

-MT Power Drum Kit 2
-Sennheiser DrumMic’A
-Room Drummer by Pettinhouse Audio
-SM Drums by Analogue Drums

This is just a small list of what can be found in the free versions. You can also try asking the Chat GPT for a list of free percussion instruments, it will definitely give you a large list of free instruments and percussion libraries.

And then it remains to combine all this and process it with effects, thereby obtaining unique drums.

You can also ask about paid percussion instruments in chatGPT.

Of the paid ones for Kontakt, it is Damage 2, I think there is everything there for creating percussion tracks.

When I was a young man and uploaded stuff into this graveyard I used Smack, combined with bold sounding libraries like Damage, Drums of War and things like that. Now I just write doomer random comments in dying supernova sites forums.

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