Vst for electronic drums

I would like to know which instrument you use to the sound of the drums in electronic music. I use EZ Drummer for acoustic drums but can not find anything that like me to electronic music.

Sorry for my bad english

Native Instruments Battery with content. or Vengeance sample libraries

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Battery 4 is great, you ll have plenty of samples if you re just starting. Then you can fill it with your own samples. I don´t know what DAW you use but Ableton comes with vst “Drum rack” and FL with “FPC” :smiley:

I use Logic Pro X for music, it has the Drummer and a rhythm machine for electronic music but i don´t feel comfortable working with it and the sounds don´t like very much.

I think that Battery would be the best option for the beginning in electronic music.

What librarys you use to expand the factory library?

Thank you very much @MeGustaMusic and @Pandocrator

Battery factory library is very good, you can use buses to mix it with your vst, so you are good to go for your first projects. The you can grab libraries for every genre, there a lots of free packs, check out here bedroomproducersblog.com and all around the web. There is a forum thread about free stuff too :smiley:

That Sound Elements is really good. With battery 4 kits, it’s great sample pack