Percussion sets for you Blockbuster (cinematic) songs

I want to talk to you about the libraries that you use when composing your cinematic music, teasers, intros, etc, and i mean only “percussion section” (vst’s, wav, aiff…)
Maybe you make your own sounds, mixes, create your own library from existing sets?
I myself use a pretty good library of “Boom-library”
Really good sound, a lot of hits, impacts, risers e.t.c.
Not bad another library from “99 sounds” that i used too (also, they have a free sounds for download, so, check it out too).
Third library from “Bigfish” - very good for use! They have a lot of VSTs instruments, SFX and so on…Really, i’m advise it too!!

Of course, very often I use the VST instruments, like Action Strikes by NI, Evolve Mutations, some from Heavyocity, so, i think they need no introduction :slight_smile:

On search I also found this topic: Freebies - Samplers and Sample Libraries
But there’s more information about VST Instruments instead of hits, risers and e.t.c.
So if anyone is interested, then you need to check it.

So, please share your libraries too, maybe the internet has free collection, or maybe now there are new VST’s ?. I think it will helpful for a lot of authors make the BEST cinematic songs and in general to rise up ours quality!
Thank you!



HZ Percs London 01, Drum of War, All 8DIO Epic Percs, Action Strikes, Stordrum OR let the Damage do everything for you :wink:


NI komplete covers pretty much everything regarding percussion for cinematic songs!
rise and hits, damage, action strikes, evolve/evolve mutations/VSL percussions… even the percussions from west africa are cool.
i dont’ think i need anything else right now!

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Thank you, guys! So, you didn’t make any own libraries or custom hits, just use an existing sounds from libraries about which you wrote? I just try to find something unique, and these libraries provide a standard set - the standard sound :slight_smile: Yes, I want to be the best in this genre :slight_smile: Joke :slight_smile:

I still use stylus RMX but must admit I would love some software that gives you many organic world/hand percussion options. Omnisphere has a few but not enough for me really. Or even some apps in the ipad although my ipad is now quite dated at version 3.

If you want something unique you should start recording your own samples and tracks from acoustic instruments or weird stuff… And experiment with effects

Xz[quote=“Marbury-Media, post:5, topic:62460”]
admit I would love some software that gives you many organic world/hand percussion options

Flying Hand Percussion is great for organic handpercussion, but a bit expensive:

(writing this on an iPad 2 by the way. Still works like a charm)

(Edit: 50% off here at the moment: )

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Thanks, will look into it.

Thanks for sharing, sounds really big! but it more ethnic style than “blockbuster”. But I will take it’s library as interesting.
So, for now, i can find this library (from spitfire):
but it’s too expensive and not exactly what i want…(may be it will help somebody)…

these I know are powerful
Damage is ok but not so realism as this

That was a response to Marbury about organic hand percussion. And yes, they’re not epic, trailer or blockbuster material at all :joy: Sorry about the off topic.

Got it! But it’s really nice library too, so - Thanks again!