Epic cinematic track rejected

Here’s my epic track. It was rejected without any reason being explained. Could somebody tell me what’s wrong with this track?

It seems to me that the track has too long an introduction. If you listen to the tracks in this genre, you can see that the best-selling have a similar structure. Sub kick with a pause in them somewhere in 20-30 seconds. You have it almost in 1:00. Not the most successful choice of libraries, brass brass sounds frankly weak and unnatural. In general, the track sounds a little underworked (for me personally), lacks brightness, “juiciness”, volume. Apparently, you try yourself in a new genre)

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This awesome and great track is for YOU!!! My dear critics and real reviewers!!!

I don’t know why this rejected by respected and great Envato Team.

  1. Drums need to be big, it sounds to me like Action Strikes - I could be wrong but this library cannot do the epic sound all by itself.
  2. No bottom end on the piano to give it body.
  3. Apart from 1 Sub drop it needs power in the lower end to give it lift.
  4. Hi cymbal or HPF Filtered sound too loud.
  5. Need a counter melody to raise the adrenalin
    That is just my opinion - so do not worry if I am wrong about the above. This category has reached an insane standard now thanks to Jeff, Robert and Martijn.
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Graham! A lot of thanks! But, sometimes, review team rejects my items due to VERY BIG BOTTOMS) and overcompression. As for AJ, I’m afraid of really big drums)

Never be afraid of drums - on the bigger tracks I normally have about 25 - 30 tracks - just mix them in LO / MID/ HI.

I’m a drummer) I love drums. Action Strikes too… good library)

Action Strikes is too small and thin by itself. I use it and then use Storm Drum 2 PRO and HZ-1 for the real sounds.

Thanks… I’ll try… Roland module)

But, man, really, most of trending tracks has very background drums, at the same time, harmony and SFX rules. Strong melodies does not accepted, isn’t it?