The Setup of your Bestseller

Hey guys,
I would find it very interesting to learn what sounds / instruments / daw you used in your bestseller. So, for example, which VST Piano, String Library, Guitar Amplifier, Drumcomputer, Palm Muted Guitar, etc did you use.
It would be great if you post a link to the bestseller. And below a listing of the sounds / intruments / daw you used.

Let’s go!
This is my bestseller:

And these are the sounds / instruments I used:

Piano: The Gentleman (Native Instruments)
Short Strings: Layering Session Strings Pro, Albion One Short Staccato, Orchestral Essentials 2 (14 Small Violins / Violas)
High Strings: Layering Orchestral Essentials 1 (Arco Strings), Albion One Strings Legato
Low Strings: Omnisphere 2 (Hollywood Studio Strings)
Bells: 8DIO Polyphon
Orchestra Percussion: Action Strike (Native Instruments), Orchestral Essentials 1/2

Reverbs: Quantum Leap Spaces, Valhallaroom
Mastering: iZotope Ozone 7

DAW: Cubase Pro 9

Cheers to you all!


Wow !
Very cool topic !
Here’s my top track !

Piano: Alicia Keys (Native Instruments)
Kick - Logic Tools
Snare - Ligic Tools
Mute Guitar - Palm Guitar
Guitar - Strummed Acoustic
Pad - From Nord Stage 2 ( Live )
Drums - Logic Tools
Lead - Logic Tool - Firefligth
Bass - I do not remember what was plugin )))))))))

Mastering - Izotope 6
Reverbs: Logic reverb - silver reverb , RC24 (NI )

DAW - Logic Pro X

CHEERS !!!:grinning:


Hey @WildLion_Production , thanks for sharing your sound setup. Very interessting that you use many of your DAW sounds/plugins. That shows that you don’t need always the “big” libraries to create a top selling item. :slight_smile:


Thanks , of course , in this whole thing )
Always when you record , you need to use at minimum as soon as possible plugins .
Many people think that if they use a lot of plugins that they have a very cool track , actually not so .
The more tools, the more cereal in the mixture .

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Anyone else who wants to share the secret of its bestseller sound?

You can help beginners for choosing the right vst-libraries / effects etc.
You promote your Topseller.
You get many “entrances” for your item, which possibly resulting in a higher search ranking.

Thanks and best regards

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It’s Halloween time :ghost:
Here is the sound setup of my new bestseller. Maybe someone finds it helpful.

Theremin: Omnisphere 2 Preset: Theremin’s Journey
Harpsichord: Orchestral Essentials 1 (left), Kontakt Library (right)
Glockenspiel: Orchestral Essentials 1

Pizzicato Stings: Albion One
Spiccato Strings: Albion One, Orchestral Essentials 2 (Strings with Winds Staccato)
Sustain Strings: Orchestral Essentials 2 Multi (Cup of a carpenter)

Flutes Staccato: Orchestral Essentials 2 (Flutes with Piccolo Octaves Staccato)
Tuba: Orchestral Essentials 2 Multi (Dancing with the undead)
Choir: Lacrimosa Staccato

Tubular Bells: Orchestral Essentials 1
Timpani: Orchestral Essentials 1
Various Percussion: Kontakt Library

Mastering: iZotope Ozone 7
DAW: Cubase Pro 9.5


I just googled Lacrimosa Choir… $598 :flushed:

Maybe if someone buys a 10 million licence track this month :thinking:

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I always buy libraries at black friday. As you often get 50% discount. :wink:
It’s a great choir library, which I can recommend.

Guys !
Come On say plugins what u use in Christmas tracks !


Why do you give away your secrets? :smiley:




Why not? For me its not a secret. It’s always the skills that matter, not the plugins, sounds etc. What about your bestseller? The pad sound you’ve used sounds awesome :wink:

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100 sales for this logo:

just a rocking guitar, a bass and kontakt studio drums. the guitar/bass sounds were actually obtained using an amp-simulator of my creamware / sonic core Scope sound card (dynatube). also the mix and processing of the overall sound is done in Scope.

the other music-track bestseller (not a logo), is a nice cowboy track:

for which i used a guitar, a real harmonica, a real jaw harp and my (poor) whistling skills :slight_smile: … at the end I added a trumpet from native instruments session horn pro. also in this case the overall mix is done in Scope environment.

i record my acoustic instruments and the guitar using a focusrite ISA ONE pre and a Neumann TLM 102 mic. I have a suitable and treated room for acoustic recording.


Awesome! Thanks for sharing :+1:

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Ok I join.

Synth – Chromaphone.
Bass – Chromaphone.
Whoosh and noises – Chromaphone.
Kick – Chromaphone.
“Percussion” and glitches – Chromaphone under some bitcrushing etc… effects.

Actually my very best seller with 143 sales is a sound effect. It’s made with Chromaphone VSTi.


Thanks for sharing! Very interessting that you only used one plugin. :+1:

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Yes, I’m in passion with Chromaphone. So incredibly simple, so wide range of possibilities and sounds so lively. The top of AAS’s physical modelling synth, most of my AJ’s uploads made by it, the first version.

what is Chromaphone?



nice. i think im going to check this out!

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