Original design gets hard rejected?

I don’t understand why my template was rejected, I have 10 templates on the store and this one was by far the most work, totally original designs, any feedback would be appreciated.

Typography is your main issue. Take a look at distances between text lines.
The second big issue is Spacing and Alignments. Work with grid and keep the same consistency on every slide.

Thanks for your time, I kind of used a loose 12 col grid - but I suppose it could be more explicit and make all the headers etc. consistent line-height. Let me try that and upload it again.

hi i see a good deal of reasons for this, personally … first of all the global style remains clean, for sure but also quite simple and this tends to decrease the commercial potential of the item , if u ask me … then, the spacing between texts is not the right one as the space between lines - especially for titles - is too small and this is choking instead of breathing … which has a negative repercussion on the global aesthetics The space given to the logo is too small and in terms of branding this is a mistake , all companies want the logo to be given the right attention and to be noticed, even outstanding , BYT, speaking of the logo, this is quite a super flat fake one that u have here , to be honest … the typo is clean but flat and touches of originality would clearly not hurt … not to mention that some texts are barely visible like “we stand tall” so if this is so hard to read why putting such a text? some colors are also coming out of the blue and turn out not to be matching at all with the rest , like the rather dark green color in the slide “we are unique” with icons inside. Finally some texts are positioned too close from edges, like some main titles , which brings sort of a “choking” effect

Okay thank you, I will incorporate some of the feedback for sure.

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When you say originality, do you mean like an X-factor because I designed this from scratch so it really should be 100% original.

no this basically means that u have to give it a particularly unique personal touch indeed that makes the design differ from all others, as much as possible