Please help me understand why this item is hard-rejected?

We have submitted this trifold menu template but it got hard-rejected.
Follow this link to see a preview of the item: Screenshot by Lightshot
All files are well organized, layered vector files, professional design.
It is out first time to get a hard-reject and we would love your help so we can enhance our next items.
Super thanks : )

hi there are a variety of reasons for te rejection if u ask me. let’s get started
1- global style
do not get me wrong i do not mean this is bad, but , though, this is also not really original in ay way , nor is this super worked out and i would recommend to push the envelope graphic design wise to bring something more unique to the table, pls see point 2 …
2- low commercial potential
indeed, the fact of the matter is that part of the main reason fro people to buy is either to save some significant time or to offer a product definitely over what people feel likening able to offer on their own, the problem is that u have not really any of these two here … look, when u consider what is left in the main file, indeed, the bottom line is that there is nothing much once u have taken the main pictures indeed and , even f the item made it for sale, it may have appeared disappointing for buyers ti get to realize what there is left in the main file …
3- typo
for me this part is very revealing of the main problem with your item indeed, as to be honest this is not bad, but this is globally a bit flat , lacking originality and not generating a “wow effect” so to speak. When it comes to the typo left alone, this is clean but flat , introducing more relief through variation, font combinations and possible touches of originality would have been adding additional value in the process
4- global organization
pls do not take it in the wrong way but this look a bit like a microsoft word organization and i assume that we can expect something a bit more elaborated from a professional design marketplace, this is a bit rigid and lacking originality , sort of tasteless lol (so a bit a pity for a food item lol)
5- breathing
for me one of the issues is that u do not have so many elements out there but in the end, there is a bit lack of breathing all the same, partly due to the global organization and the positioning of the titles, which turn out to be too close from edges indeed

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Thanks dear. Appreciated your reply.
We will take these into consideration to enhance next items.

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it depends on u , but here is what my experience taught me … all the guys are saying the same as u do - considering things for next time - actually end up in the forums again with another rejected item after repeating the very same mistakes … but once again, it depends on u to feel like reworking or not …

Hi, buddy @n2n44 thank you for the info…could you explain to me a little bit about the global organization?

what he has right now is a bit rigid so to speak