Orchestral Epic Music, Third Hard Rejection in a Row, What do You Think?

Hi guys,

Another submission of mine just got rejected, and I’m really not sure why. I could see that my previous items didn’t have enough commercial spirit in them, but this one really does.

I’d appreciate it if you spend some time to listen to it and give me your feedback!


And some questions:

  1. I also included 4 other versions of the piece in the item that was rejected (2 shorts, 1 loop, 1 logo), is it possible that the reviewer didn’t like the alternative versions and hard rejected the item because of that?
  2. Also is it possible for an item to get hard rejection because of unsuitable name and description? for example, I can see that “I Encourage Violence” isn’t a typical name for an AudioJungle item, but I figured if it’s not OK, it’ll get soft rejection. Am I correct?

Hey ForgottenSounds, I think you are having too many detailed thoughts about the submission process.
Regarding your song, I would probably cut the intro, didn’t really know what you wanted with that and it sounded a bit confusing to me. Its getting much more interesting and probably more usable for contents from 0:25 on. I would work on that Idea and try to add a bit more development, you have this deep Brass Motive that repeats over and over but I am really missing some melody hook and development throughout the song.
Hope that helps and good look with the submissions.

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Thank you so much for your thoughtful feedback. I found it helpful and really appreciate it.

The intro was actually made to convey the image of the beginning of a battle/conflict (e.g., the scene in which an important/powerful character/party enters) or something like that… Maybe the unusual rhythm in the 5/4 time signature made it confusing at the first listening. EDIT: There were also versions of the piece included in the item in which the intro was cut.

And you’re right, now that you’ve mentioned it, I can see the lack of enough development, especially in the melody.

Thanks again, and good luck to you too!