9 Hard Rejections in a Row: Comedy, Epic, Suspense, Romantic, ... Every Attempt

Hello everyone,

I’m having a hard time getting my first Acceptance on AJ. Of all the items that I’ve submitted so far, these last few ones were the ones for which I had the highest hopes of getting accepted. And since they were all rejected with the “commercial quality standard” message, I need your feedback for their weak and strength points.

So I would really appreciate it if you spend some time and listen to one of these tracks (based on your taste and experience) and give me your feedback. Also, if you really liked any of them, don’t hesitate to give positive feedback too. After this many rejections I could use some! :smile:





Personally it seems to me that all the works presented here have too long introductions and do not have a pronounced main melody - and this is very important. I would not remember any of these tracks, even after listening to it many times. I think it’s worth revising your approach to creating music, trying to create a track around a memorable melody, to develop the composition quickly, to reveal the main idea of the track in 30-40 seconds

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Thank you so much for your thoughtful feedback Lemonello! :pray:

Yes I’m thinking I should make several changes to my approach to composition before I can be successful in this marketplace. That’s why you guys’ feedback is so valuable for me.

You’re right about my pieces not being very melodically engaging and memorable, but the thing is, these pieces are supposed to be soundtracks for film, animation, and specially video game, and in these contexts, soundtracks are supposed to be in the background and not attract too much attention and distract the audience from whatever that is in the foreground. Therefore I’ve tried specifically to make pieces that can produce feelings and images in the listener’s mind without taking too much attention. But maybe I’ve gone too far and made the pieces uninteresting. I’ll study more on that.

Thanks again! :+1:


I think the music itself is fine, levels and EQ sound good, but the performances seem to lack dynamics. I could be wrong, of course, but the horns in Rage & Fury, for example, sound as if you didn’t bother to use any CC 1 expression/dynamics and are anything but raging and furious. The same with the rest of the instruments, which makes it all sound pretty flat and lifeless. It almost sounds as if you wrote and recorded this with notation software, which is notoriously bad at dynamics (in my experience). My advice is to go back and paint in some CC 1 dynamics, make the horns and strings, etc. build. Put some emotion into the pieces.

P.S. Take my comments with a grain of salt. I’ve just started with Audio Jungle and am not an expert.

Hi! I think this sounds is very midi and you need a more quality samples. Also to work with volume control, play with different velocities, otherwise it sounds very robotic.

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Thank you so much @BraunHausMedia and @MikeStown for your feedback!

The sample libraries I’ve used are definitely high quality products and if there’s any weakness in the performance, it’s probably on my side. Although I’ve used CC 11/CC 7 on almost all of the legato/sustain patches, and for other articulations like staccatos I’ve used velocity to make the sounds more dynamic and lively. But after all I’m not a professional and can’t claim that I’ve used these tools as well as possible. There’s much room for improvement.

Thanks again! :pray:

did you submit everything all at once, or did you stagger it?

These last 4 tracks were separate items that were all submitted in one day… Previous items were submitted more or less weekly. Why?

I’ve noticed that sometimes a particular reviewer will reject a certain kind of track, while other reviewers will accept them. Since music is subjective, you’re bound to get some variability on reviewers.

By spacing out the submissions (1 day should be fine), you’re more likely to get different reviewers for each track, which will give you a better idea if your music is a good fit.

For example, 5 rejected tracks submitted in the same hour - could be that they aren’t a good fit, or could be that the reviewer just thinks they’re not a good fit. 5 rejected tracks that were spaced out - it’s likely that they’re just a bad fit.


Yes I get what you mean. But I don’t think that in my case it is one reviewer that didn’t like my works. My previous submissions were really spaced out, and these last ones were submitted with hours between them. And even if only one reviewer checked them all, the items were so different in mood and category that I don’t think the reviewer could see them as similar bad items.

Thanks for giving this good tip though! :+1:

Hi there ! My opinion is : your music a bit complicated, simplicity your tracks , in stock stock music people like simple tracks with understandable melody and stable mood. When they starting to listen your tracks they wonna get right mood in very begin in the track, and thought how good track can fits in their video projects, long intros and complicated melodies works not so good in video projects. You must think in direction of background music not music for listening , its big difference. Stock music is a background music, the main in this kind of work is video line , and our music is just way too enhance the message of video. So don’t change hard melody , instrumentation , composition , chords and other things. Make main idea of track , and add some new elements through track to make unboring sound , that all , and you will have your approvs !good luck !

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Thank you so much for sharing your opinion Sunnydeemusic!

Yes I think I understand what you’re saying and how this could have happened. I somehow don’t develop my ideas in a very straightforward way, and that’s probably because my main source of inspiration has been the soundtracks of films and especially video games, and those soundtracks have been composed specifically for those projects and those stories and scenes, and not as generic stock music, and therefore they’re not simplistic at all. To be honest, I’ve even used specific stories to give me ideas for composition! :smile: Stock music should be more generic in its utility… Maybe I should use good stock music as the source of inspiration not good soundtracks…

But I wonder if I should have gotten the “commercial utility” message for rejection instead of “commercial quality” message, if this was the reason for rejection… :thinking:

Now I’m ranting!

Anyway, thanks for the feedback, it was helpful! :pray:

Ye, listen track with tag like trailer, tieser, blockbaster, film and you will find whats music needs to this stock!

But I wonder if I should have gotten the “commercial utility” message for rejection instead of “commercial quality” message, if this was the reason for rejection…

this standard message they sent the same to all! If they dont liked melody, some instruments, form of composition mixing of somethig else they, they sendinng message like this , and don’t understand what exactly wrong whith your track!

this track have reject too!

Sure, I’ll do that, thanks for the tip! :+1:

This is a very good point! :slight_smile:

this is another big point! :slight_smile:

Hello, I just listened to the first 45 seconds of “epic orchestral rage and fury”, and it sounds a bit “cheap” and too “MIDI” if you see what I mean… like if you had simply entered the notes on a piano roll, with maximum velocity, and it sounds a bit “fake”, not human, you see?

On the other side, I am listening to “Sad Emotional Romantic Orchestra” and personally, even if I am sure it could be improved, I don’t find it that bad, and would perfectly see it as a video music…

You’re right, frozenjazz, I could do a better job of extending the dynamic range of the instruments and make them more realistic. :+1:

And thank you so much for the positive feedback! :grinning::pray: