My music was hard-rejected

Hi, recently my music was hard rejected. I would like to share it with You guys and ask for Your kind remarks. Something went wrong. Help me to be better in the future. I am interested in Your opinion.
What do You think about it. I regret we don’t get specific info about rejections. I am a pro musician and symphonic conductor so I believe - my music is free from basic musical mistakes. Maybe its to close to some other pieces… well - I would appreciate Your help.
Here is the link to my preview.

Hi, I’m not a musician. Just listened like a random listener. Maybe the reason of rejection is: there is not any “intro”. I mean, I feel like music like this should have an intro for beginning.

And there is some “volume mistake” (I don’t know what called in music terms) for example: 0:10, 0:17. 0:23

Hi, to be honest, your composition is very good but this track ends unexpectedly, also it probably got rejected because of the watermark. It shouldn’t be sidechain-compressed with the track i think. I don’t know, it’s just my opinion. maybe this track will get approved if you fix these simple problems cause your composition sounds commercially good.

I love your piano tracks.
I think that there is a lot of competition in the Epic style.
It’s better to focus on what you get.