Hard rejected, I did not expect that.

What is the problem with this track?

Well, music is subjective, but I think you made a lot of strange choices here.

• Fading in at the beginning. Let the buyer do that if they need to.
• Why the tremolo? Once might be cool as an attention catcher (maybe), but it gets distracting in a piece like this.
• The abrupt ending/transition at 0:32 seems quite odd.
• All of a sudden big epic drums enter in an overall calm/romantic piano/strings piece. They seem out of place here.
• 1:40 sounds like a lazy ending, but then it continues…

Overall, it’s quite a nice idea, not bad, but many of the compositional and instrumental choices made me think “why did they do that?” every now and then.

Hope that helps! And remember, this is just the opinion of one person on the internet. If you want it this way, it’s your art.


Thank you for your help, the full version of the song ends in 2:26 minutes, then there is a 30-second additional version.

oh you mean 1:40 ending, so this is the same song, the same version

I am very happy to hear more opinions from others. :thinking:

Just listening on the phone, it seems like you could end it at 1:05 and it would work as is.

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I like 1.05 starting drums!
Don’t listen to boring theory professors. Do music for people. We love it!
I’ve been hard rejected for this track: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=da7LUAB6j2E&t=86s

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But… I thought boring theory professors were people too? :disappointed_relieved::sob:

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Didn’t you get the memo? Starting somewhere around 2016, experts in any and all fields are no longer to be listened to, trusted, or classified as “real people”.

The reviewer who hard-rejected it apparently does not concur.

Summarizing. So you guys think the problem lies in composition and arrangement. Do you think it’s worth shortening, cutting this song and send it again?
Is there any problem with the sound, the dynamics of individual sections or the loudness jumps are not too high compared to the beginning of this track?

Thank you for your help

and you sent this like we are listening right now on soundcloud? or you put this as separate tracks-versions?

Everything perfectly prepared + description, what is on the soundcloud is the preview version. (Normally files have WAV and MP3 directories, each has a separate 30s (and other short version) + FULL file). The description is accurate about this as you can see in my portfolio, other tracks.

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The case was seen, the judge broke the pen. it’s ridiculous to comment. The referee’s comment is important, but they do not specify why.

It is also interesting that if the song is approved, we can see who this song has approved (profile), if the song is rejected (hard rejected), it is not possible to see the person who made the decision. My little opinion on this subject.

yes it is…
there’s not a single referee here. maybe another judge approves your unapproved track. everyone’s perspective is different. just look at the parts sold. they can help you.

I liked it. It was a little different compositionally, in a good way. I could see that being a useful piece of music for various applications. I only joined Audiojungle recently. Everything I’ve tried to upload, has been rejected so far, but accepted on all the other royalty free sites I use. I don’t lose any sleep about that. I just figure that I don’t get what Audiojungle want yet and the music is working well for me elsewhere. The thing is though, it’s so much more faffing about making the effort to upload to AJ than any other site, it has left me feeling a bit like I can’t be arsed to try. I mean, I guess I will, but I’m in no rush.

Sorry, I don’t get the drums. I think that’s the point.

Thank you, I will take this into account.

200 plays :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :sweat_smile:

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