my first item rejected please help me to make it better

I would like to welcome all of you. This is my first post and the beginning of the stock audio adventure. I am very exited because till this moment I have never public my work. My only experience is to have fun with and audio software and play with thousands of functions, edit possibilities etc. I never make any “song” or a a “piece” from the beginning to an end, always make only a few second of music to edit - and this part was a biggest fun for me. Experiment with effects, blending sounds together, discovering a software functionality - that was my world. Now I have decided to make something new. But it has failed - reviewer reject my debut :confused: after few days of thinking I decided to try once more. Please help me with that. I believe I am not the only one that have been rejected. Please listen and send your opinion about my music and some technical advices ?
thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I think it sound good (on my phone anyway). A couple of things that could cause a rejection is the piano at 30 sec, which is repeated later. Its to loud and to dry in my opinion and not a very good sound. Another thing is the fade out. Fade outs should be avoided. Hope this helps!

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Hi @Epiano In my opinion , you have two songs in one drum only amped one party held , the track is good in principle , but I think it noncommercial music, just because of this and probably rejected .

I don’t see why this wouldn’t have commercial value. It doesn’t have to have reversed cymbals and piano and the 4 familiar chords to be commercial. I think this track has a House of Cards vibe and sounds cool.


Thanks for your comments. It’s great to hear that it’s not bad :slight_smile: My idea was to make something very characteristic, that could be used in advertisement for example and make a special busy and fine mood. Maybe it’s to strange and doesn’t meet requirements for the commercial media and commercial scheme. However I hope my new track will sound better for me and for the AJ :slight_smile: once more great to hear your opinion - thanks !
BTW I realy admire authors here and they work. This is real school of making music for media. Congratulations for all of you, maybe one day there will be a place for me too :slight_smile:

I agree with @Hyperprod. Piano and fade out is not good. I suggest you to listen jazz top tracks and create another arrangement of this song. I think this idea have commercial potencial and can be arranged for Aj. Good luck!

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Thank You very much, unfirtunately I cant improve this particular track - I have only this exported version as a wave file. But definitely want to do the next one maybe more commercial (corporate, motovational, inspiring) :grinning: and I will publish it here first. Once more thank You very much.

this is my new track to review:
comment please :slight_smile:


nice I like it )))

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Thank You again @WildLion_Production I really appreciate your nice words. Could You please explain your opinion about my first piece ? I’m not sure what did You meant about the drums and two songs ? Can You ? Thanks in advice :grinning:

Piano sounds too hard, try to put down the velocity down and put some reverb on it. Also, fade out is unnecessary to be that long. I pretty much like the saxophone, sounds cool to me. :slight_smile:

Good luck!

Thanks @RainyAudio ! No fadeouts allowed here :grinning: I agree that maybe for commercial purpose the classic ending is better. And my poor piano :pensive: Next time I will analyze it deeeper. I hardly know where is the saxophone You have mentioned I think You probably meant a trumpet ? Anyway - thanks again for your attention and for nice words :grinning:

Dear Epiano,
I hear static on the track.
Could that be part of the reason?
Thank you for posting your discussion, as it brought forth a wealth of information.

Oh, yeah, I liked the music. :slight_smile: Very easy listen.

thanks @HeyGirl - I think this could be a reason but my idea was not to create a dynamic development with big climax and fireworks, only to discreetly put some good mood :grinning: Thank you for nice words.

the first track may have the potential Comercial , i like the drums there, but reviewer other requirement, I think you need to change the melody and piano breaks too )))) Second is very nice for this genre )))

Thanks @WildLion_Production - I think about your comments in my next production.

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The atmosphere at the track is very good. I liked the intro and especially the bass line. But I think you need to reconsider the track arrangement. Each new melody, which appears in the track, brings a lack of discipline, I would like to hear a smoother track. Good luck !!!

thanks @HeartDrumMachine - you are absolutely right - more discipline in arrangement. Good point. Thank you :grinning: greetings

Yes, I’m sorry. I listened to two songs so saxophone from other songs got to my ears. :smile:

@RainyAudio I hope you like my trumpet also :smile: