Hard rejected. Do I have no ears or what?

So I got excited that today is the judgement day, and I was pretty sure my track will be aproved, but still not 100%.
Suprisingly for me, my track got rejected. Now I strated to think, do I even have ears? What’s wrong? Maybe I dont hear my mistakes but I don’t try to get milions of views and $, do it need to be world famous quality track or what?

Anyway, here is the track, be critic all you want,

I think you track can be very useful in productions: videogames, advertising,… it depends of the topic. I don’t know why they have rejected your item, maybe it can help:

I have had a lot of surprising hard rejections, but this article helps a lot to re-think your way of composing music… tonal height conflicts… clear melodic speech, the final mix… watching the reverbs intensity.,…
Listening your track I see a nice work, I’m sure that if you are well tuned with the website advices, you will have good approvals !

Göod luck!

Sorry for my english. :stuck_out_tongue:

They are being ruthless with no rhyme or reason as of late. It’s not fair to hard working composers especially when they offer no real reason for the rejections. Many of them make no sense whatsoever. Don’t take it personally as an artist, continue to move forward and thrive…


Very good advice. Never give up, keep working.

Thanks People!
My adventure with music will not end because of AJ rejection, or even few of them (some experience with rejections here).
It was my first serious attempt to make “dubstep” and i always had problems with it. I wanted to try it and now gonna do something different. Maybe next time…