Constantly rejection. What is wrong with me?

This song is one of my several rejected track.

Here is the comment from my Envato Quality team reviewer:
This submission does not meet our commercial production (samples/recording/mixing/mastering) standard, and our commercial composition/arrangement standard, unfortunately.

I’m getting better with every rejections I feel that. But I really need a motivation also to keep on making this.
Now I hear that there is a problem with the bass guitar at the end of the track. But beside that what is the problems with composition and mix/mastering? I’m glad to any critics. Thank you all!

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It has no hope?

I think when tracks are similar in a structure on resources, reject them because of a large number of similar tracks :head_bandage:

Hi oproduction! A few things I’ve noticed about the mix;

  • Piano at 17 secs has strange compression pump. Maybe release setting needs to be adjusted, or maybe you have it side chained? It sounds unnatural.

  • Acoustic Guitar sound is very “tinny” in the high-mids. Use EQ to make the sound fuller and smoother. Same with the hi-hat.

  • String sounds too “synthetic”. Try adjusting velocities to sound more “human” and good convolution reverb to sound natural. Also, maybe rather than panning the string parts so far left and right, keep them balanced in a more central stereo field.

I hope that helps. It only took me the time of the length of the song to make those notes- I wish the reviewers could do the same.

Thank you for your reply FiFJungle, yes there is dozens of same kind of tracks and I’m not such a fan of 4 chords songs but when the track is rejected they suggests me to check the best seller tracks and also when I check the new submitted tracks they are also sounds quite the same. Maybe I should find a middle way that not so far from Audiojungle sound but in the meantime not exactly the same with other tracks and has some originality.
And thank you for your reply AlisterBunclark, it’s a very helpful comment. Yes the side chain makes the piano unnatural. I will try to make changes on Mix with your suggestions and re-submit.
Sorry for my English,

Thank you all!


I don’t know, I’m not familiar with this genre I use to compose more orchestral, classic and jazz stuff, but I really like your song, it’s cool!. Maybe I would have done a simple but more clear and starring melody?
I agree with Alister, I think acoustic guitar gives strength,presence and emphasizes rhythm.

Anyway, I’m sure you will have good sales early! :smiley:

I suggest you to change those strings at 0:17, sound unnatural.
The guitar in crescendo at 0:52 is almost imperceptible and bad to hear.
In general, the track sounds quite good, a bit weak maybe.
I would review the mixing/mastering.

Hello Oproduction,
Sorry about the rejections epsiode.
Want to help you with some tipps. :slight_smile:

  1. I think your artwork could be better balanced.
    (I used a long period of time pink noise to balance tracks out in mixing stage)

  2. Glue Compression on Track Groups in Mixing stage and Glue Compression in Mastering Stage.

  3. Bass a bit muddy and could be replaced with a more smooth and warmth giving preset

  4. Use a saturator in Mixing and Mastering stage. I highly recommend the Softtube - Saturation Knob (Its for free:tada:)

  5. High end could be just a bit more boostet (Highshelf) in Mastering stage

I like your song and wishing many approvals now.


Hi oproduction, how are you? Dude, I’ve been through this too, what you’re going through. These rejected reviews do not mean that you are a bad musician or something like that, but rather that they have a pattern of music they seek … The first time a song of mine was rejected they sent me the link of the songs of more sales. I was listening to and producing new songs trying to walk in the style of each one I listened to. I was rejected 3 consecutive times, and the fourth time I was approved and the songs I have in my portfolio only one was rejected … I know that rejection can happen because sometimes my personal taste speaks louder in the compositions, but I continue … Good job, do not desiate and good sales!

They have a pattern of music they seek… maybe this pattern is not constant, depending of the market needs?

Thank you all for the replies. I had an enlightenment after all this replies :sunny:
And BeachVibes thanks for the tips for mixing-mastering. I used a bit of saturation in the mix but maybe I should use it more and using in the mastering is a really good idea that it can give more excitement to the song.
Yuri-F you are right, I should review the acoustic guitar and the strings.
Kannonh thank you for your motivation, I’m happy that you like the song.
MaquivioSilveira yes I’m not taking it personal this rejections and not feeling that I’m a bad musician. This commercial music is another skill and I’m learning it day by day. I should do a better research about the market needs.
You all have really nice, characteristic portfolios. I wish you more sales!

More or less so there. But it would be interesting before producing some new music, to observe in AJ some idea within the style that you will produce. This will bring you more security for approval.

That’s it … it’s going to be all right … move on. Good luck