"Hard Rejected" without any explanation, HELP!


I’m new to Audiojungle, first two uploads all have been “Hard Rejected” without any explanation, HELP!

Much appreciated



From what I understand about stock music, your song might be a little “experimental”. I believe that songs that are built around one idea work best; without changing too much the general atmosphere of the music.
In my opinion, your track has many changes on the first minute.
I liked your ideas and I’m not an expert, but I hope this helps you.

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Hi there-

Reviewers will not give any explanation as to why an item was hard-rejected due to time constraints of their role and also authors need to objectively assess their own work and gauge the suitability of the item as to ensure it is commercially viable and also meets the Audio Jungle submission criteria.
As you are probably aware that the review queue can fluctuate in length over any given period and so time taken to provide reasons given to authors on rejected items would increase this review time.

I listened to your track and I see where it’s purpose lies however the sound libraries and mixing are not really dynamic, modern or suitable. I have posted some of my items as a help to provide some sort of examples however I must stress that these are not the be-all-and-end-all. These examples are merely to illustrate where your track should aim for in terms of viability.

Also you cannot have “Olympic”, “FIFA” OR “World Cup” in titles as that would be in breach of trademarks resulting in Envato getting into some serious legal trouble.
Or “Euro 2020” I hasten to add.
Or “UEFA”.


WOW, Thank you guys, these points really great. I need to relook at the track. Originally I was compose this track for the media used of Tokyo Olympic games. I didn’t think of the trademark problem.

Thank you Rodrigo_Flores_Music and gballx, just before I giving up, I will now give it another go. I have done library music for different platforms, Audiojungle is new to me.



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BTW Great tracks.