Opportunity for ALL composers to submit to Envato Elements

Hey guys, I wanted your thoughts on this and I hope to get the attention of Envato too possibly!

I’m a non-exclusive composer and I have contributed music to Audiojungle for the past 3 years. Like many of you who are not part of the Envato Elements program, I too think it would be great if we could be allowed to join Elements without an author compatibility review process.

I am part of a few other subscription based sites which allow both the option for a single purchase or subscription service and they do not limit the amount of artists that can be part of their whole business model.

I do understand Envato’s reasons for doing this, don’t get me wrong. I understand that Elements strives for premium quality music and do not want loads of average/standard tracks clogging up their marketplace and sort of ruining Element’s reputation. However, it would be great if any artist from Audiojungle can immediately join Elements but at the same time go through a more specific SUBMISSION approval process.

I think the amount of submission slots given to the composer should be solely based on approval rate, very very similar to how Audiojungle currently operate at the moment.

Elements will still be able to maintain a standard of high quality for their music whilst composers that never had the chance to submit certain songs will get that chance finally.

I think even if composer of 300 AJ tracks gets around 5 - 10 great tracks approved on their site then I think that everyone should have that opportunity.

I think the current business model is out of touch compared to other libraries and it would benefit both the library and composers to join forces as opposed to this sort of musical segregation - without sounding extreme of course!

If anyone has any thoughts on this I welcome you to comment!

Have a great day and wish you all many sales :slight_smile:



How about if Elements was only open to Elite Authors with a proven track record of sales and quality of items. This of course would be absurd as would be devisive on this marketplace yet there seems to be a two-tiered system that rules against some extraordnary authors such BlueFoxMusic (I hope I am correct in this) and Robert Slump who have some brilliant tracks yet do not have the opportunity to have a presence on Elements and consequently add to their revenue stream.
However, seeing some returns of revenue from Elements for average authors are not great having seen evidence gleaned from one author who reported on their Elements experience.
Just imagine the amount of inappropriate usage of tracks found on Elements that have not been appropriately obtained for broadcast.
I think that it is best to stay away from this IMHO.


Well said @JASMusicUK I have talked about this more than once on my YouTube channel. I just don’t understand why Elements is not an opt-in option for all authors on AJ. I’ve joined a few months ago and have seen some success already. Most libraries are subscription based nowadays, so I don’t see the point in keeping AJ authors out of Elements.

Some customers don’t want to subscribe to a library, they just want to buy a one-time track and that’s that, they should be able to purchase it from your AJ profile. On the other hand, there’s others who need more music on regular basis and are willing to subscribe and pay a monthly fee, they should be able to find your music on your profile on Elements.

At the end of the day it should be optional to sell your music on Elements. NOT every author wants to be part of a subscription library.


Exactly @DivaProductionMusic. Perhaps one day this becomes an option for composers as opposed to being an option for just the library. Like you say, not all composers want to be part of a subscription service but at least having that opt in feature would allow composers the freedom they deserve.


Hi people! I am also not an exclusive author, but my tracks are on almost all sites where they sell by subscription and not only. AJ accepts all my tracks, there are no problems with the quality, but I don’t understand why they still haven’t invited me to the Elements. I hope they will invite me to the Elements in the near future. I think that authors who have a high percentage of track acceptance should give them access to sell on the Elements. Thanks.

More authors on Elements = more authors share the same subscription revenue. Thus, one author’s revenue goes down to virtually nothing.

What is so hard to understand about that?


In this case…elite author will be no poorer, but for new authors it would be a good impetus for growth


Surely by giving all authors access to submit to Elements it will increase the amount of available quality tracks… therefore more likely to attract new paying subscribers


How is earning fractions of cents per licensed tracks “good impetus for growth”?! I’m sorry, but it makes zero sense. You have the right to be delusional of course, but this specific delusion is damaging for our trade and it affects all of us.

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I applied multiple times with no success and explanation of rejection. It sucks. I adapted. To see how later my sales dropped and moved to pockets of younger guys who were invited was real pain. The truth is - not every top authors were invited, i explained in earlier edit of this post, but removed it due highly emotional content of this message. And not everyone invited decided to go with Elements