How do you become an elements author for music?


Does anyone have any success on getting their audiojungle music uploaded on Elements? I wrote support but they said they aren’t accepting new artists.

Unless I’m mistaken, they haven’t opened the Elements program to application by new authors for YEARS now.

I still can’t understand the reasoning behind Envato’s decision to keep Elements and Audiojungle separate. Most other platforms I’m on have both a regular AJ-style market and a subscription-based system running in parallel, leaving it up to the clients to decide how they want to acquire music, and up to the authors to decide if they want to make their music available for subscription downloads. Is it really worth splitting your community and antagonizing authors like Envato is doing ? Right now Elements is their sole focus, while AJ is left to rot. I just don’t understand it.

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They are not currently taking new music authors on Elements. I reached out a while back to ask the very same thing. As much as I don’t think it really benefits much for individuals on Elements, we can’t argue that Envato’s focus going forward is Elements. The Marketplace is dying and isn’t a top priority for them any longer.

That being said, I decided to go against my better judgement and reach out to see if I could become an Elements author as well and to inquire if it is actually worth it for authors in terms of compensation and the like. They told me that they were not currently looking or even thinking about looking to add new music authors as they did not wat to over saturate the “market” like they did for Audiojungle.

St above is correct, they haven’t been looking for new people there in a long while. Most of us have branched out to other venues as well to see if that can help curb the loss of sales in AJ.

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It’s quite simple. If everyone could join, no one would earn more than $5 per month.

Just like everyone doesn’t get a record deal, or gets to play in a big rock band, or gets to make a movie about their life.

I don’t have my music in Elements, but I think it’s a great decision to limit the saturation. They should have done it in 2015 with the marketplace. It came years too late unfortunately…

The “open-for-anyone” system is only good for people who are late to the game. Terrible for people who started early and worked hard for years to build an income.