Audiojungle vs Envatoelements

Is it worth to reupload audiojungle catalog to envatoelements,
I’m really beginning making music and uploading since June,
and not pleased with the subscription-based service as the commission would not be that much
what is your experience if you use both?

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Hi !
Envato elements is closed for author. If you are able to join you will be invited. But there’s no hope it happen in the near future. Even some great elite author who work with envato for years are not allowed to join…

Why would one hope to be part of such an exploitative model?

I really don’t get how authors who know what a lousy deal Elements is, still hope to get in on that.

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Breadcrumbs for the mice…

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Hi :slight_smile:

Sorry I wanted to say “no way it happen (…)”
“Hope” is too positive in English compare to French !

Maybe cause the quality standard in Envato elements isn’t like aj so more mediocre composers join.

I really don’t think this is the case.

Elements is on an invite basis, Envato did not invite mediocre authors to join in.


The tracks in Elements are previously approved in AJ.

If you launch a new music service, you certainly would not arm it with mediocrity as you want to promote the service.

I am not biased towards any RF platform, nor AJ , EE or any other powerful competitor.
We are bouncing the ball from one side to another trying to find a culprit for the lack of sales, EE omnipresence, penny sellers or other cheaper, better alternative competitor. But one of the major enemy , not necessary deliberate, is the ‘client’. There are hundreds of ‘specialised’ vloggers reviewing RF markets with pros and cons. Despite what we may think, quality is not on their ‘pro’ list.
Pay once, eat as much as you want - is the new black. All major markets adopted this practice. One way or another, AJ should follow the trend. Is that good for authors? Not quite. Is there any viable solution? Not at this moment. We, as individuals, independent authors are not able to educate the masses. If clients were concerned about the life quality of the workers and product suppliers, would never buy clothes made by underage kids in Asia.


Well said @Soundtrickz
The only thing which is not clear to me, who is responsible for the situation, where we are now.
It’s the question about what was first: the chicken or the egg?
There must be one platform which wants to be “better” than others and creates the subscription model. Or was it our customers, who demanded such a model?

@soundtrickz: :ok_hand::+1::clap:

Well, off course customers want the best deal, the closest to free as possible, it’s nothing new. It’s not the new black, it’s been this way forever. What’s new is that the selling side is willing to go past the point where it’s no longer viable for authors. If authors did not agree to sell under what’s viable, then we wouldn’t have this mess.

As for the marketplaces, it’s easy to be stupidly generous when you’re not selling your own items. So it all comes down to authors: do not freaking sell yourself under what’s viable!! Simply refuse this exploitation, plain and simple.


@Daydreamz-Studios . As you said. That is the real question. We may blame customers for being careless . They’ll have a good laugh.We may blame RF markets. They will show you numbers and statistics . And after that they will have a good laugh. At this moment we are experiencing a sum of events which synergically created this situation. Pandemic, lockdowns, producers closed their doors, the economic crisis, which has just begun. And, of course, the list is open.


History taught us. That is not an easy task to be done. Authors around the world are not consolidated as an legal entity, we are not union based. So unless there is a proper, firm law ,which supports the prices regulations, that would be impossible. Some individuals are more greedy, hungrier, careless than the others.


Very true… which is why it’s crucial we unionize if we want to make it alive. Hard task of course…but when it’s all said and done, we just can’t do without.


What I do find the most annoying about this all is the complete disregard for non-Elements contributors by the placement of the Elements banner everywhere to try and entice new subscribers. I have given up trying to bring in traffic from Soundcloud and Youtube as any unique and new IP address will meet the banner. I even read somwhere on the forum that it was present in the cart - nice touch.
Anything that we do as authors to promote our tracks will be met by the aggressive advertising of Elements. So it is laughable that Envato in their end of year summary suggests that they are community driven because the evidence suggest otherwise. IMHO.


Before elements, as non exclusive author, I only shared AJ link on social media, now is just everything BUT CERTAINLY NOT AJ link…

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Is Envato able to survive with EE only? I mean without the markeplace.

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I don’t know, I guess there still some customer who prefer the “one time” project and who are not interest by subscription plan…

I mean these kind of customers are still interesting to keep, so if AJ is no more there, these customers will go elsewhere else…

By doing this, envato keep the leadership and stay the first one platform both in term of traffic but also in term of earning