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Hello to all friends, I am starting in Audiojungle, I have been several months trying to get the reviewers to accept my first article, with each rejection I seek to improve and perfect in terms of composition and sound processing, this is my last track and I ask you, Please, if you can give me your professional opinion. Thank you.https://soundcloud.com/user-512639777/preview-emotional-piano-and-orchestra

From my point of view I think the composition is excellent.
Sincere congratulations.
But to begin with, I would first adapt to the four chords suggested by the “commercial quality standard”
And then find musical variations on those four chords.
It took me many hours of listening to music here by other authors to understand it.
On the other hand, I think you should improve your sound library.
It’s just my opinion and I hope it helps you here.

Thank you very much for your opinion, of course I will take your advice. That track is in the queue for review, do you think I should remove it?

I think you are penalized for the number of articles you can upload based on the number of rejections.
In my case, when I have questions about an article, I remove it from the review queue, but the decision is yours.

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for now I can only upload two articles a month, if they review two articles and both are rejected, I must wait until next month to upload something again. one more thing. If I decide to queue this article, do I need to remove it from soundcloud? there it is with the audiojungle watermark but I don’t know if there is a problem with that. Thank you very much for your cooperation.

I think there is no problem with Soundcloud but I’m not sure.
Perhaps another author has an adequate answer to this question.

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