Hi all, new to AJ, just uploaded my first track in here, do you think its gonna be approved ?

Hello there, im new to audiojungle, but not new to composing commercial music tho. I have just joined AJ a few months ago, and i finally had some time to compose a little thing to test the waters here.
I would like to start some kind of “bet”, please tell me if you think it’s gonna be approved or not ?
Also, i would appreciate feedbadk (good or bad), thanks everyone!

this sounds great to me. and it indeed gives me happy feeling ~ people should come and listen. wish you create more amazing sounds. :hugs:

Thank you for commenting and thanks for listening!

I am seriously. your track can be suitable for background music of some advertisement !:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


First, you have a big sound issue with your watermark. The music seems to duck when the watermark is playing. That’s not allowed, as it sounds awful. You have to maintain the same output level throughout.

Also, the synth sound coming in at 0:17 doesn’t fit in with the organic arrangement, and/or sounds a bit outdated or rather out of genre.

There also may be some balance issue with your xylophone/mallet instrument which is a bit too upfront.

Hope it helps!

Hello @PurpleFog, thanks for taking tte time to listen and reply.
Regarding the ducking you hear, thats correct, the main track is sidechained to the watermark. It is strange, i did read the complete upload guide document, and they never say that is not allowed, and also, there are lot of tracks on the library which are doing the same thing… i guess we will see if they reject it because of that… hope they dont :confused:

About the synth sound, its a moog, and i guess it sounds vintage or outdated because that was actually the intention when i composed it hehe, but yeah, i totally get your point and you might actually be correct on that.

And about your third item regarding the mallets, by “upfront” are you talking about level or about the stereo image ?? You might be correct again, i actually had a hard time making it “fit” for some reason.

Thanks again for your time!

Really? Well maybe some have slipped through, but that’s not how it works usually. Have a listen to what got accepted today, and you’ll hear no ducking at all.

In your preview, the ducking is so prominent that it messes everything up and is very unpleasant to the listener. I guarantee you it will not get accepted as is. This issue should normally warrant a soft reject, but when combined with other little issues, it can turn into a hard reject. So, you should be careful.

Regarding the synth, I understand it’s supposed to sound vintage. But, while it would be great in a synthwave track, it’s completely out of place in this context of organic/acoustic atmosphere. For first uploads, you want to keep things simple and to the point.

For the mallets, I am talking about levels, they’re a bit too high and thus stick out from the mix.

Anyway, good luck with it… and welcome to the Jungle :slight_smile:

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