only for reject my design

How about this guys?


hi buddy well for me this is cool but i tend to believe that the concept is not completely new and the logo is having too much details, u will thus have trouble to make it here as they are considering the logo in very small version …

I actually really like it, I haven’t seen much like it before, but I also don’t really know what’s been posted as logos lately.

I also personally like lots of small details, makes me want to look at it a bit longer than just a quick glance, and I think it works at a glance as well, the silhouette is clear enough to me, maybe you could include two versions? One like this, and another that’s more simplified; such as no details in the leaves, and remove the thin line on the house roof, this would give some more subtle options for the buyer.

If I was to change anything for this logo, I would just make the window a bit bigger, maybe about as big as one of the larger leaves? The tagline also looks like it’s a pixel or two too wide under the main title. I know if you look closer it is actually perfectly lined up with the serifs, but because the tagline is so much smaller, the serif isn’t very visible, so it looks like it goes slightly past the title.

i agree with most of what u expalined … though there had to be a reason in the mind of the person who rejected this item, and as for i tend to believe that details may be the very reasons, as for i see from most of the things that make it , they do not as many details , now i maybe br wrong … i think the “2 versions” thing is not a good idea as this one was already hard rejected which basically means that envato is not interested in it as such …

Yea, I didnt even realise it was rejected, I thought he just wanted some input before submitting, my bad.

And you’re probably right about the details, I’m not sure what Envato has against detailed logos, they’re some of my favourite. Years ago I submitted a logo, and it was rejected with the explanation that there was too much detail. That was back when the reviewers could actually give constructive feedback.

they do not have anything against them, they are just considering logos in a very small size (which is discussable, as anyone who knows about branding knows that company in corporate identity have variations if under a size …)

as for the logos that i had and had been rejected i got no feedback but i am observing things a lot and draw conclusions …

No I know, I’ve seen plenty of detailed logos, I just mean that not every logo is made for use as a corporate identity, or needs to be viewed at a very small size, so they shouldn’t ALWAYS be judged that way. I’ve done plenty of logos a company I used to work for, and most of them were printed on to shirts, posters, etc. They were mainly ment to be seen at a larger size, but if there were situations where they needed to be smaller, such as a small icon on a pen for example, then I’d remove the details and make an alternate version for smaller viewing sizes. My point being that logos have many uses, so they shouldn’t all be judged for a particular use.

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i perectly agree with this and this is what i mentioned in my previous message indeed, some companies have complete corporate identity books , some do not have but a good deal are adapting their logo to the environment, normally and i did not mean i was agreeing with what was made here as regard to very small size, i just noticed what was going on period …