Only 1 Sale in October 2023

I’ve only recorded a single sale this October. Have any of you also noticed a significant decrease in sales this month?

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It seems the entire marketplace is having trouble, code as well, more than 50% drop compared to October last year.

I am not sure how Elements is doing…

On Elements everything is as usual. We’ll receive ‘Thirty pieces of silver’ in this month

Was it worth it to destroy the stock market by selling on Elements?

It is impossible to force everyone to give up this, and everyone wants to get extra money. I uploaded projects to Elements that were not selling on Videohive anyway. I did not upload projects that has sales. I think many people do this.
Elements is good for those who do simple small projects that do not have a chance to sell on VH.
And it’s not JUST Elements, I uploaded 0 sales projects 2 years ago. But 2022 was the most profitable year on the main market.
The number of items increases every day, the number of buyers remains the same. The buyer has much more choice. Trivial arithmetic, each average author will receive less in the end.


Elements is the 99% issue with sales on the stock market and now code follows…

The user is mulled into Elements and has access to so much stuff that it dose not matter anymore, salese for the stock market started to go down as soon as Elements was released.

It is not impossible, if authors here would have been united the marketplace would still be strong now and you know I am right.

In contrast to other digital markets, where users are typically required to pay a monthly fee for access to a limited number of downloads, Envato offers an unparalleled feature of unlimited downloads. While the concept of providing unlimited downloads may seem unsustainable, Envato has chosen to provide this unique offering, and the rationale behind this decision is not entirely clear.

Elements = Authors.
If the authors refused (we did) to join Elements we wouldn’t have such an issue with the sales drop. It looks like the ads campaigns and traffics have been forwarded to Elements. The situation is getting worse and worse.

I have emailed to:

Envato’s model of unlimited downloads may appear appealing to buyers, but it places sellers at a significant disadvantage. It seems like Envato is undermining the Videohive marketplace in favor of Elements, which raises questions about their decision-making. It’s disheartening that Envato doesn’t seem to prioritize their authors, given that authors are the backbone of their platform.

Other marketplaces don’t provide unlimited downloads. For instance, Pond5 offers a yearly membership with 10 downloads a month for $999/year, which comes to just $8.32 per item. Similarly, Shutterstock offers a yearly membership at $989/year for 50 video items a month.

It raises concerns whether the Envato team is considering the practices of other digital marketplaces. Offering unlimited downloads at such a low cost might not be a sustainable model. Digital items cater to a niche market, unlike television, which has a broader audience. Even Netflix increases its prices annually and is moving towards a pay-as-you-watch model.

The idea of paying once and getting unlimited access is generally not sustainable in any industry. Supermarkets, for example, do not offer monthly subscriptions for customers to take as many products as they want. It’s worth questioning why Envato adopts this approach.

Message to Envato management: It might be more beneficial to merge Elements and the main marketplace into one unified platform with a single search result. This would be a fairer solution for both buyers and authors.

As for now, I’m shifting my items away from Videohive to other platforms.

You woke up a bit late, this is happening for years now…