One more time. Reviews/advice/etc prior to submission

Hey guys! I want to that you so much for all the feedback you’ve given me lately. It’s been very helpful. If you would, please let me know your thoughts/critiques/advice on this track. I have really appreciated your input and look forward to learning more from you guys. It really helps.


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Don’t need that kind of melody. need to find a balance . your tracks entirely absorb the attention. you need to understand it.

Hey Charley, sounds really nice.

My initial thought with this one would be similar to the above, the melody line is a bit ‘in your face’. Might be worth trying something a little less busy, or at least using some lighter instrumentation? The feel is nice for the rest but for me that melody just pokes out and distracts too much.

Hope that helps, good luck.

Hey, nice idea, but the mix - first of all the loudness balance - needs improvement :wink:

Thanks guys! I really appreciate the feedback. I’ll try a more simple melody and work on the loudness balance.
Much appreciated!

Ok. Hey guys! I stripped it down, removed the guitar and backing synth completely, raised the piano an octave. I appreciate your feedback.

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It was a good easy track :wink:

Hey Charley! Personally I like both versions, there’s a real 80’s sitcom vibe happening here and I mean that in the best possible way haha :slight_smile:

I’m not sure that AJ is the place for this sort of stuff, I definitely haven’t come across much of it. This track will definitely be more niche than what is mainly presented here, but I could certainly see a commercial use for it in places.

As for production, to me there seems to be a lot of reverb that is clouding things up. I think if you dialed back a bit on everything you’d probably have a more balanced and professional sounding mix. Just my two cents.

Cheers, Rob.

Hey Charley, I agree with @orbiterred. It sounds like a cool 80’s sitcom soundtrack. I don’t think it will work as a modern track, it sounds a bit outdated (drums and bass sound too artificial). If you’re going to submit it, I recommend including (80s style) or something like that in the title and description. I think you will have more chances of approval that way.

Also, I think you should include a version with the initial melody as well but with the decreased melody volume.

Thanks, guys! As always, I appreciate the feedback very much.

I’ll dial back on the verb and bit and look for a new sitcom set in the 80’s ~ ha!