Possible Item Approval

So I’ve been working on this track for a while and I’ve been kind of taking a break from submitting music, as I haven’t even had a successful upload in at least two years. I really took some time away and then just recently tried again with another submission and I see other items far -I suppose I’d have to say “inferior”…- My most recent rejection was a total shock for me and I’m wondering if it’s even worth the time and effort for this track here. So I’d be open to some suggestions go ahead and give me your thoughts on this, I’d really like to get more into music, but I’d have to know that this is actually something that would be profitable.

It starts with a bit of a jolt in the beginning! Maybe a tiny fade-in or something to precede that first chord hit would help the ears to adjust.

I’m not sure about the title, there’s nothing particularly Christmassy about it, except the silly jingle bells you added which sound ridiculous. Even if you uploaded it now, by the time it’s approved it’s a bit late to try and cash in on the Xmas market anyway, you’d be better off changing the title and classification to something more appropriate to the music, and removing the silly jingle bells.

Apart from that it’s a good track, the groove is pretty good. Mostly it feels like a backing track though, and needs some more melody or at least layers on top. There is a chance it will be rejected, and I think the lack of thematic moments could cause a rejection, also the sounds are very dated and 80s and so it may be considered too cheesy for AJ. Most of the music on AJ is very current and on-trend.

Ok, thank you for your suggestions. I was technically going for more of an old school R&B flow, but yes if you think it’d be better to update, I can see what I can tweak. I’ve generally taken it easy when it comes to the melody due to some negative comments about the melody being too elaborate and taking over the track.

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Firstly, sounds outdated, I would try in your place modern synthesizers or uploaded into experimental, but then reworked arrangement. Secondly need to reduce a long intro and make the composition within two minutes, max 3.

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AWESOME job, wow you’ve done such a great job! I think the mix is far too bright but I love what you’ve done and it’s very cool and sexy

Well I can tone it down a bit from the high end frequencies to make it blend a bit more. I think like this it should be much better.

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Yes, i agree with other author that your sound is a bỉt out of date. But i believe some video projects in retro style can use your music. I know Envato has different thought with us.
Hope your tracks gonna approve in future. Merry Christmas.