Greetings family. So far I have had one my songs approved for sale. I am in the process of submitting another but I would love it if someone could give me feedback before I submit it so that I have a higher chance of it getting approved.

Anyone can help me out?

Here is the link.

Where can we listen to your work?


New and Improved Full Version.wav

](Dropbox - New and Improved Full Version.wav - Simplify your life)

Kevin Richelieu
Pastor | Author | Producer

Did you get a chance to listen yet?

No, unfortunately the link doesn’t work for me.

Try this:

Okay, let’s take it in order:
1 - The track is very monotonous, it’s better to make a loop of about 30 seconds.
2 - I would use mute guitar as the main melody
3 - very few low frequencies.
In general, the piano chords sound fine, but the melody seems to sound very cheap.
I would also change the percussion.
Use more professional libraries and VST

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When you say the melody sound cheap what do you mean?

Also, I’m using professional VSTs for the shaker. Is there a shaker library you think fits better?

Hope all is well. When you have a chance please let me know your thoughts about my last message. I want to make sure I do my diligence before submitting so I have a better chance of landing this one.

Have you changed anything in the track now?

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I have not yet because I was waiting for you to reply to my last question. I really do not want this track to get rejected if there is something that can be done that gives me a better chance of it getting approved.