One entire month wait for a withdrawal?


I did my first withdrawal via Paypal but then I found that I need to wait about ONE ENTIRE MONTH to “process” the “request”, why???.

We know that when a seller tries to publish a new item to sell (or even a update) here in one of the Envato’s markets it takes a long wait that can be between 2 days to 15 or more to “process” it, and now, even for a legit withdraw Envato make us wait A MONTH and without giving any info about the reason (that’s why I need to ask for a reason here in the forum).

Why does Envato put troubles to perform all the simpler things?, what should Envato “process” to take a full month?, why do not just integrate an automated withdrawal system that communicates with Paypal instantly with no waiting time?. I really don’t understand anything of this, and if Envato will take one month to “process” a payment to a seller that maybe also means Envato could say something like “For ‘x’ reasons we will not process your withdrawal” in whatever circunstances? …just for curiosity, because that would be the most incredible and disappointing thing of this page, deny the money earned to a seller that demands a withdraw, really that thing can happen here?.

Someone could explain me these strange things that I see in this service?.

The most disappointing thing is that the Envato’s system just informs the seller about the requirement to wait 1 month (or more) and about anything more, it is something like: “Hey, this is completely normal, you just must wait one month and shut up, don’t ask yourself about why, and don’t publish questions about it, its a normal thing, trust us, you just… wait, and then maybe you will get the money you earned (or not)” Of course this long wait requeriment is NOT normal and it is much less normal that don’t want to give/show a automatic reason to the seller at the moment of the withdrawal request.

Thanks for read.

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Yeah! 1 month wait is too long it’s mean we can only process 12 withdrawal in a year :disappointed_relieved: Envato should require us to withdraw our money in a week like other companies does…

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This is exactly the same on each of the main competitor marketplaces to envato (down to the same date of the month) and even iTunes etc. pays once as month (in fact I believe iTunes has an even longer waiting period).

It was also part of the terms and conditions which anyone selling on these marketplaces agreed to when signing up.

I don’t know the exact reasons, I would image that auto payments are not easy/possible with such vast numbers, or that there may be complex resource requirements or are fees associated with paying out to such a huge number of authors especially from different countries; but either way given that all of these marketplaces right up to Apple work on the same model I am sure there is a very good reason for it


There are plenty of online companies with varying withdrawal systems. Indeed, some giant companies do support daily and weekly withdrawals (some even support instant withdrawals via debit card!), while others stick to monthly.

But you’re not the first to complain about this. It’s been a topic for discussion for many many years now. Since they’ve stuck with the same model for so long I agree with charlie that there must be good reasons.

Apparently some authors with high enough earnings can withdraw faster but that was implemented not too long ago. Perhaps they’re testing for change in the future!? Most likely not though. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I only know one stock site that allows ad-hoc withdrawals. All the rest do it once a month, some quarterly. Why? Not entirely sure, but I’d guess at it allowing time for any failed payments, reversals and refunds… plus, you might have to pay fees if it wasn’t done as a bulk withdrawal once a month. I withdraw $100, I get sent $100.

I don’t think it’s some conspiracy, it’s just the way the world of stock works.


I cant understand some things on envato :frowning: