Payment wait is too long... Why?

Why we have to wait 1 month for our next payment ? Many companies allows you withdraw your next payment in a week and some companies allows you to withdraw your money in a day or two than why not ENVATO? Why we have to wait 1 month… seriously it’s really too long…

It’s mean we can only withdraw our money -12 times in a year :frowning: Many authors can not earn more than $40,000 so I think you have to take some actions.


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Same question here… I work on other website and payment can take up to 5 days, same platforms as here. Received money (800$) in about 4 days (3 and a few hours idk). And there, staff has to approve and verify any payment. Just imagine how it works there…

Yeah same ques! Envato will have to do something about this :confused:

Would you be so kind to name the other site?

There are very few stock marketplaces that allow you to withdraw your earnings straight away. I can only think of one that allows you to do so. It’s just par for the course with stock marketplaces, and makes it easier to wait for any refunds and chargebacks to be processed prior to payment.

I agree it would be nice to be able to withdraw as and when, but it would probably get a bit complicated if there were multiple withrawals every day to multiple providers. I guess it’s also one of the reasons there are no Paypal fees to pay… if all payments are made one one day in a bulk transfer then you’ll avoid having to charge people for withdrawals.

That’s the way I see it anyway.

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