Older Google analytics not working from june 1st.?How to activate Google Analytics 4 ?

Older Google analytics will not working from june 1st ?

How to activate Google Analytics 4

Universal Analytics will be going away - Analytics Help.

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It’s not 1st June this year. It will be July 1, 2023. I believe before this date (as quickly as possible) Envato will integrate Google Analytics 4.


Thank you.

Today is July 1, 2023, but the problem remains… Envato, where is the analytics?!

New tab showing suddenly but functionality not working.

yes, you are absolutely right. I think Envato dev team is working on it. @BenLeong please can you give some insight on this Analytics tab!

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It’s working for me. What do you see? :thinking:

It might only be accessible to authors who had Google Analytics configured on their accounts prior to the shutoff date?

can you see any result output when you click on any like Page details?

it will show a popup:
There is no analytics data for this report in this period.

Yes, it downloads a CSV file when I click on any of them. Maybe check the console for errors?

All links showing same error

Console error log:
Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 ()

Also analytics settings tab not displayed.

Weird stuff! It’s working perfectly fine for me, I used it a couple days ago as well. Let’s wait for Ben to respond then, maybe there are some issues with the rollout.

@SPRUKO The analytics settings are gone from my dashboard as well, this is expected and nothing to worry about. :+1:

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Sorry I missed this one! All the reports should be working now.

For anyone stumbling across this thread in future, Bailey is correct about the Analytics tab only showing up for people who previously had Google Analytics (GA3) properties associated with their Envato Market accounts. There’s more information about how to continue accessing Universal Analytics data here here.

On July 1st, there were some Market accounts that received access to the Analytics tab as they’d previously had a GA property, but their download links weren’t producing any files as we hadn’t linked the report data to their Envato ID. The error causing this was resolved on Monday 3rd, when all remaining Google Analytics authors will have received access to the analytics tab shown in the screenshots above.


same for me, you solved ?

This mean I have 4 sales from googleads source, right? Sorry, because I’m a bit confused with this result.
Screenshot at Feb 16 08-01-09|690x88