Analytics disaster - Market item analytics tab is not working

First we lost Google analytics on our Envato pages, because GA4 is “too difficult” to implement.

Now even old analytics on item pages, under Analytics tab, is not working, I think for more than a week now.

We also don’t have any way to track conversions of our google ads campaign.

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I actually added support for GA4 to some of my plugins and it was not an easy job… either way I have no idea what is going on with Envato is like they don’t care anymore!

Basic search on the forum would have helped:

It is just frustrating that currently we don’t have any analytics.

It is also strange that it takes so long to fix the analytics issue. There were many issues on the market in the past, but most were resolved within minutes or hours.


I agree something fishy is going on!

Edit: now fixed!

Market’s item page analytics were currently offline due to issues affecting how these asynchronous reports are generated. The Market engineering team has been investigating this, and it looks like a couple of different factors are involved. I’ll post an update on the forums once I have more information, and an ETA on getting the reports back online again.