Google Analytics stopped working (Envato are you alive?)

Hi guys, my google analytics stopped working, this is because envato didn’t update the platform to version 4, it was very useful for me to see the views and users on the page, I could at least understand if the discounts were effective…

Do any of you have solutions? or can any spokesperson from the envato team tell us something ? Thank you


Of course it’s alive! :rofl::rofl::rofl:


In my case, a new property named “Audiojungle - GA4” was automatically created. It seems to work fine.

what do you mean ?

In my Google analytics dashboard, a new property was added. The old one is still there but does not collect data anymore, while the new GA4 property works just fine.

I liked the old version of google analytics more than google analytics 4.

thank you but in my settings I don’t see the ‘google analytics’ tab like a few months ago, can you tell me if you see it? or where can I find it?

In your Envato settings, you mean? No, I don’t have that tab either. I was talking about the Google Analytics dashboard.

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Yes the Google Analytics dashboard is not a problem, but how now can I link the new GA4 to envato ? This is the problem

I don’t recall having to do anything. The new property just appeared in my GA dashboard and started collecting data without my having to link anything. So, if the new property doesn’t show up in your GA dashboard, then I wouldn’t know how to help. Sorry

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When the old version of Google Analytics stopped working, sales stopped. For the last three days: 0 for me and two other authors.

Do you really think so?Google Analytics has nothing to do with the drop in sales.
I say this because I also have an old version of Google Analytics stopped working and nothing has changed.

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he was being sarcastic :sweat_smile: anyway, has the ‘google analytics’ window in settings disappeared for you too?

Of course, and for a long time now

Envato will most likely not be migrating to GA4 in the near future. They’ve listed various reasons for this, including that it’s a very different product in nature, the effort to migrate would be massive, and that the product is still evolving and changing rapidly.

Those of you who were using Google Analytics before – do you see an “analytics” tab on your author dashboards? Envato has been generating weekly reports there in CSV format since May.


Only authors who used analytics with their market accounts before the cutoff date will see this tab. If that includes you, then make sure to check this thread (you should have received an email from Team Envato about this around May 30) since it has some important details. Post any questions there, please.

Also, I appreciate that CSV files are pretty raw and unusable, so be sure to check out this cool project by @LCweb as well: Envalytics - Charts and statistics for your Envato products


Then what’s the AJ GA4 property in my GA dashboard? I was surprised to see it appear there, as it was my understanding that Envato had not made the migration. What is this data I’m getting?

The GA4 property you see was created automatically by Google as part of their own transition.

Envato is still receiving GA3 analytics data using a product called Universal Analytics 360, which won’t shut down until July 2024. This data is used to generate the weekly reports on your author dashboard.

If you configured an analytics account on your market profile before, then that account will still be active on the site right now – Envato hasn’t actually removed or changed any of their code for analytics. Your GA4 property therefore might still be receiving some compatible data through that.

I’m not personally familiar with the differences between GA3 and GA4 and I don’t use analytics at all these days. However, I know that both platforms have very different data models, so it’s possible your GA4 property isn’t fully accurate or may not be useful for author campaigns.


Hey there, it can be quite frustrating when these technical glitches disrupt our workflow, especially when you rely on tools like Google Analytics for valuable insights. While waiting for the Envato team to address this issue, have you considered exploring alternative solutions to track your website’s performance? You might find some useful resources on my website MCC that could offer you insights into navigating these tech challenges. Feel free to check it out for some possible solutions and tips that could help you in the interim. Hang in there, and hopefully, this issue gets sorted out soon!

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hey, thanks for your reply, honestly I’m tired of this abandonment towards the authors of the market, I’m trying to enter other stock libraries so as to better enhance my work.