Analytics options in Author Dashboard.

I have discovered that few of the Envato Authors have the Analytics options in their dashboard but not all authors have these options or facilities.

Analytics options provide extensive data and info about user behavior and help businesses to grow.

My question is why every author does not get these options as we all are from the same platform or authors in Envato. This is demotivating and I feel this is discrimination as well. Not sure who is going to take responsibility of this.

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@BenLeong Can you please justify this?


Do you mean this one? I think there’s a bug or something on your account - you should create a support ticket

You will see an “analytics” tab when clicking into your items.

There is a different analytics tab on the author dashboard, which I suspect is what you’re talking about, but this is only enabled for authors who had connected Universal Analytics (GA3) to their Market accounts before July 1, 2023, when Google shut that product down.

The goal is to temporarily make some of the same data available in a basic CSV format until Envato can complete their migration to the new GA4 platform. If you weren’t using the data before, then you won’t see that tab.


I talked to them. It seems who set the google analytic back in June 2023 just have this. Who did not set analysis on that time they cant get this one now.

my question this is a system and this should be available for everyone, right?

No this is available

have a look at this one Analytics options in Author Dashboard. - #3 by ki-themes

yes, it should but as we know Envato is currently not working with GA4. So, Envato has included a new Tab Analytics in the Dashboard for authors who already inputted their GA3 tracking ID. As Envato has not implemented GA4 they have removed Analytics options from the Author Settings page.

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I don’t remember I have ever submitted/inputted the GA3 ID on my account.

If you’re missing the part I have pointed out, contact support. It could be an issue and they may able to provide you a solution.

@baileyherbert is mostly accurate in his post above - the author dashboard Analytics tab is only enabled for authors who had connected Universal Analytics (GA3) to their Market accounts before July 1, 2023, when Google shut that product down.

It’s designed to give the authors who had been using GA3 continued access to Universal Analytics data, while it is still available via Envato’s Analytics 360 subscription. Analytics 360 customers have access to that data for an extra 12 months, before Google also shuts down that service.

It’s been a while since I checked in with our Analytics team, but I don’t think that we are migrating all our analytics directly to GA4, and there is no equivalent product for our previous GA3 integration.

GA4 has already undergone several changes since it launched, but its data structure is very different to GA3 (so there’s no backwards compatibility). It also looks like there is no longer any supported mechanism for sharing GA data for specific groups of pages (e.g. an author’s profile and items) with additional Google Analytics properties, in the way we previously did for authors using GA3.