Question about Google Analytics 4

As many people are aware, Google Analytics will expire and be replaced with Google Analytics 4 on July 1, 2023. Can Envato ensure that the transition will be completed in time? It seems that Envato does not yet support GA-4.

Hi @GoodLayers! There’s a lot of work underway at the moment, aimed at sunsetting GA3 across all of the different Envato sites in time for the deadline. I’ll check in case there are any specific concerns for the Author GA access, but would assume that will be covered by the rest of the transition work.


Google Analytics 4 is still not working.

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@BenLeong Do you have any updates regarding the Analytics 4 ?
I recently got the warning from Google so many times.


Not sure what is up! Google Analytics 4 is a Simple Integration and should have been done months ago! The API is a mess and Support Users now have to give permissions every time they login. Fixes to these would be great!! @BenLeong

White Noise is not good for anyone.

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Hi guys!
I sent a request regarding this issue, here is a response from the Envato team.
"I appreciate no comms have been released yet, Ben (from the community team), is finalising these so you will be notified our next steps in around a week or so via the forums. "

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Just 14 days left for universal analytics’ sunset. Is there any update on this?

Hi @rosinghal. You should’ve received an email from Team Envato on or around May 30 with an update. You can find the details below in case you missed it.

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Why GA4 and Google Analytics UA data are different? :thinking:

Without seeing the data it’s hard to comment but generally speaking UA used “total” users where GA4 is “active” users which impacts numerous metrics.

There’s a ton of info about this if you Google it

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Sure, thanks!

Hi guys, news about implementation of GA4 from envato ? Thank you