Item page analytics tab has not been working for a week now

Analytics hasn’t been working for me for almost a week now. Every time I load the analytics page on my item profile, I receive the following message:

We’re having some issues with analytics at the moment, but fear not! We’re on it already. Can you check back in a little while?

Is it just me? @BenLeong @KingDog help!


Same here.

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Heya. There’s been some issues with analytics that the Devs have been working on. Hopefully it will be up and running soon. Thanks!


I’m also on the forum about this issue. It hasn’t worked for me for a week or more.

The wording is confusing: “Can you check back in a little while?”

Excuse me, but “a little while” is how long? A week, two, a month, may be year? It would be fair to indicate more or less specific deadlines so as not to cause concern to the authors. We would understand that.

Live tracking is possible? Google Analytics 4 Real time Tracking

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I am glad we have at least a response from the Envato team!

Go to Home in your google analytics there in right side box where showing info for: USERS IN LAST 30 MINUTES

Or go to Reports => Realtime

There you will get a link for: 'View realtime → '.


I am talking realtime view for themeforest profile. Where we can add google analytics code in themeforest? I can’t see anything related to analytics in settings

in Envato market Google Analytics 4 not integrated till today. So, Envato has removed Analytics settings from the Profile settings page.


Do you have any idea when it will be done? because it was good feature to track.

Yes i also joined now this community and facing the same issues can anyone please guide me how to fix these issues? also i visited a website where i find this solution and it’s very helpful for me also suggest you to must visit there you will be satisfied.

No! there is no such estimated date announcement from Envato when can be integrated it. Because the new GA4 come with some different features and functionality and there is many complexity to integrate and migration from GA3. Many days ago an announcement from Ben was posted in the forum, maybe you missed that one.


Market’s item page analytics are currently offline, due to issues affecting how these asynchronous reports are generated. This has been occurring for just over a week, starting around Oct 25.

The Market engineering team is currently investigating this, and it looks like a couple of different factors are involved. I’ll post an update on the forums once I have more information, and an ETA on getting the reports back online again.

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This turned out to be quite a tricky problem to solve, but our Market engineers have identified the causes and tested a solution to address these. The fix has just been deployed.

Both of the Item Page analytics reports (pageviews and referrals) are back online now.


Is the Analytics Tab the same thing as the Item Performance tab on the Elements dashboard or is it something else? I don’t remember ever seeing something called Analytics and I want to make sure I’m not missing a helpful tool I could be using. Thanks!

Different things - this one is a Market-specific tab that’s shown on item pages (with Pageview and Referrals data), but it’s not shown on Photo pages. I’m not sure why that is, but the vast majority of photo sales take place on Elements.

The Author Dashboard showing Elements item performance is the best way to compare the performance of items on that platform.

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