Theme Analytics for June is empty?

Hi guys,

We’re selling themes on ThemeForest, and we review the theme analytics at the end of the month.
This month, however, the Analytics dashboard for June report is empty (in both Pageviews and Referrals). Pretty sure we got more than enough sale to have 0 visits and traffic.
We tried going back months before and all of them are empty now! (view photos)

Anyone having the same issue, or know why this is happening?

Thanks a ton!


This is just a technical error. Hope everything will be ok soon.

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I’m feeling frustrated because I can’t look at “Analytics” to see if anyone else is viewing the theme.


“A few weeks” is a very long time in eCommerce and business nowadays :frowning:
Thank you anw!

Same here! I’m looking forward to the day that Envato integrated GA4 into its tracking :crossed_fingers:

According to our pal @ki-themes , Envato support says a few weeks TT

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Still not working (posted to keep this topic up) Maybe some will see this post and prioritize the problem.

I’m not expecting any “data” from this month. I hope next month…

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