Anyone having a decrease in item traffic?

I’m having a traffic decrease for about one week till today, and of course, sales are down to only one sale. Is anyone else has the same?


The item views just got fixed. They were inflated for over a month due to some bug. It’s odd nobody at Envato bothered to share this info.


We noticed the same! But the strangest thing is that it wasn’t for all items, but just a few…

We experienced an increase in sales in the period of “inflation” you say that it was just a coincidence or maybe those items actually had an increase in views? Were you told by someone in Envato about this views bug?

Thanks! :slight_smile:


Exactly, Me too

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Compare your traffic stats from Envato with your Google Analytics (all Elites have it right) for December , with November. You will get the clear picture. Nothing changed in GA, yet it increased 4-5x in Envato stats.

Some ad blockers block Google Analytics, maybe they don’t block Envato’s tracking system?

I have a similar experience comparing to your stats.

The first 10 days of the month were really inflated, probably ThemeSphere is right some kind of bug or similar.

Here is a ghost theme:

A wp one:

And the analytics of the WP (it looks Google Analytics has the correct amount of views):

A few months ago, Envato enabled Google Analytics for all authors, i think their information is really more accurate than envato views:


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Hi! Can we have someone from the staff chime in about this? @jacobbednarz @steve_lam Thanks!