Low traffic to themes

Hi all,
I see from few months that old themes, let’s say 1-2-3months got 1-2 visits per day an new ones not much more.

Last year before summer was much more visits for new but also for old themes.
And from 1000+usd now max 300usd…


Traffic is good in my last theme. Average daily visit 12-15 minimum. But sales down.

Yup, sales are down for a while.

Envato Concentration only Elements. Not Marketplace. I hope Envato plan in near future Marketplace complete shutdown.

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Yes… 8 days are passed and no sale…

According to my Analytics:

February 2018 - 11,281 users
February 2019 - 14,747 users
February 2020 - 8,607 users

Conversions are also in decline.

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I think that Google latest update in January 2020 Broad Core Algorithm Update which effected organic search results, effected Envato traffic in general. I believe that Envato is trying to convert it’s current traffic to Envato elements, where they can guarantee a large number of monthly subscription retention as appose to having a fluctuating income which is always effected by Google Algorithm updates.
Themeforest might be able to make a come back after couple of weeks, just as they did in 2015 when the traffic dropped majorly and then they recovered and increased users from a little over 4M members to almost 7.6M.
If in the next couple of weeks theme forest removes the recent added section on their landing page which redirect users to Envato elements, and the traffic/sales pick up again, then my analysis would be right.
If sales didn’t pick up within the next 3 weeks and Envato kept of pushing Envato elements program, then it would be clear than Envato gave up on the community and now they are focusing on their own business returns from Envato elements, tuts, studio, placeit, and many more.

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Deo themes, did you add any new products since February 2019?

Our sales declined from 5.2% sales per day to 4.3% sales per day

We’ve uploaded new Elementor Template Kit 10 days ago, but they still review it. This year our uploads are more frequent, compare to the 2019, yet the views are in decline.

The traffic might be themeforest authors, check your returning Vs new clients using google analytics, this might give you a different perspective.