Does themeforest provide traffic ?

I was wondering if I should dedicate more of my time on themeforest themes. I do have one question which only someone who has already sold quite a few themes on themeforest can answer. Say, if I successfully publish a file on themeforest, will it get good amount of sales from traffic from themeforest alone? Basically what I am asking is if just publishing the theme on themeforest is enough to get sales ?

Any answer would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

If your theme made enough sales it should reserve a place in the Popular Items list , which means it will sustain a huge amount of views for at least another week

If your theme fails to make enough sales then you’ll probably need handle the traffic on your own.

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Thank you very much.
Do you have any stats as to the approximate number of views a brand new theme gets ? Or I guess your experience with your first theme would do. Like after publishing, how much views it received, the conversion rate (if themeforest provides that kind of info).

Unfortunately I haven’t published any new items in the last couple of years , But we used to get around 2000-5000 views in the first couple of days , Usually All-In-One themes get better traffic since they lean to a wider range of customers.

Regarding stats , I’m not sure about conversion rate , but you should be able to check each item’s referrals among other things .

Things have change a bit since themes are now sorted by “best sellers” by default , which of course diminished new items’ traffic, but on the other hand envato gained millions of new members in the last couple of years.

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