hello, is the 3rd time I try to upload a piece of my music and for the 3rd time is not uploaded and I don’t know why, I’ve not received any communication via mail whatsoever. Is that normal? I’ve already followed all the guidelines available on how to upload music.
Also, I’ve checked spam and junk folders…nothing
Can anyone help me?



You don’t get an email for uploading. Do you have in your dashboard, on the right side, a pending approval maybe? it would have your track name on top and more details on bottom

hi @Pandocrator, I had it for a total of 18 days and then it suddenly disappeared. The problem is that I don’t know why it has not been uploaded if I don’t get any feedback. It is always like this?
Thanks for your help

Have you checked the hidden items section? In case it’s soft rejected and you need to fix something.

yes @RedLeafMusic, nothing inside

I really don’t know what could be done to be honest. Try contacting support, they should know what went wrong.

Did you open your mail to which you registered your account? And also, do you have a tick here?

Are you sure you uploaded your track?

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Please check your dashboard and from right side have a look if it’s pending approval, approved or soft rejected ? if somehow you are not able to see it then please look into the hidden items

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hi, already done it, no signs of it in both sidebar and hidden items. I get that could not be approved but I need to know why, otherwise how should I be able to fix it? The process takes long enough to just hope that your song is approved



That’s really weird. Please get in touch with envato support

If the track hasn’t been approved, and it’s not in your Hidden Items, you can safely assume that it has been rejected. And from what I’ve seen on the forums, the reviewers don’t provide a reason for the rejection in the email you should have received.