No notification from Audiojungle.

Hello, colleagues!
Tonight this track was supposed to pass the test, but he just disappeared from the dashboard and the notifications in the mail I never received. This is what I got a hard reject and I even do not notify about this? is the track that bad? xD I already 100 years have not received a reject. For me it’s a shock.
once Envato now does not give answers, maybe my colleagues will give me constructive criticism about this track, I will say “approved” or “hard reject”?!
Thanks in advance!
A reviewer can still give me any answer?
I wish you all great sales! :slight_smile:

I think that this track would have to approve. Maybe it’s some kind of mistake? I like this track)

@Purple_Cow Maybe the notification got filtered in your mail or something?

@Soundlufs, no no, I already checked. and before the notification always came in the mail with no problems.
Do you think the track is not suitable for envato?

Great track, i think. They MUST answer what is wrong with it. Maybe there was some kind of an error and track vanished from queue

Thanks for the support. I had thought that the track is actually very bad , and I do not understand anything:smile:

Yeah! I was pleased with your comment. hope will get a reply from Envato.

I think that this track would have to approve , this is awesome track !!!

I am definitely no expert to say anything meaningful on this music style. But what I do know - I am still clueless what gets in, and what stays out in AJ, I guess once I do, I will have no more rejects myself :slight_smile:

Hope your problem resolves soon.

Can not be reject It
not some problem at mixing and production
everything is done under the modern EDM tracks

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Wonderful track! It is very energetic and positive.

Hi! May be try to upload it again and attach the message to the reviewer explaining the situation. May be they will find your track or answer what’s going on. Good luck with that, nice track!

Thank you all! took your advice: downloaded the track again and in the comments of the reviewers pointed out the problem. Will wait for a response.

No way!
Temporarily held for further review
Submitted 8 days ago