No Communication From Envato in Regards to Song Rejection

I have been uploading music tracks to Envato and Audio Jungle since October 2021. My first few uploads I received email confirmation that one track was accepted and another rejected.

The next month I uploaded new tracks and received a email once the tracks we reviewed, this was November 2021.

Every upload since then I have not received any email confirmation. Even though most of the music items I have uploaded have been rejected, I would still like to receive any sort of confirmation via email that Envato has reviewed my items, or a location on my profile were I can see past uploads.

I would just like to have more communication from Envato so I do not feel as though I am just uploading music tracks to the void only to not have any communication about them ever again.

Thank you for your help.

Have you checked in; settings - Your details - email settings?

Thank you for responding!

Yes I have had the “Item review notifications” checked since October as well, I never unchecked it.

I changed my email recently, could that also be the problem?

That could maybe be the problem. I would contact support so that they can assist you in solving in hopefully.