Nothing but rejection

Could you please help me with some insight?
I have read the articles on uploading and rejection, listened to bestsellers, but all the 30-something tracks I have uploaded has been rejected for “not meeting the general commercial quality standard”. I shared two of the music pieces below and it would be a tremendous help if you chose one and give me some feedback on how to make a track like that acceptable.
Thank you very much for your time.


Actually, these two tracks sound quite nice to my ears, especially the first one.
But it seems that general problem of both is lacking of space and depth, almost all instruments sound too close to the listener. Try to use more reverbs, delays and panning but not too much and wisely.

I hope, it will help you in some way.
Good luck and don’t give up.

Thank you! I will be on it.


Yep, I think it’s just choice of instrumentation/voices here, they are a little bit heavy/dated sounding for the genre. Change 'em out and you’ll have it nailed. Download a trial of Bitwig Studio and have a listen to the presets for the FM-4, Polysynth, and Phase-4 synths, that’s kind of the direction things are going in; light, cutesy, and a little raw.

I’d appreciate your thoughts on my mix too, this is a compilation of a loop pack I’m putting together…


why don’t you make your own thread? :smiley:

Hello there, @OneMarmot

Can I ask some questions to you?

How old are you? and
How long do you produce?

I am 27 and have been playing around with music for some years now. But the first few years don’t count because back then my tracks were pretty terrible.

Thanks for the advice, I will see into it.
About the track you shared, perhaps I would try adding some reverb to the instruments for a more natural sound. The second thing is that in the beginning the kick drum sounds clear but later, along with some other percussion it gets a bit lost in the mix. Some more compression on the drum section, maybe?


I think you should work with space. The mood is 2-3 types of reverb on the Return tracks (room, plate and large hall, for example). And send each tool in the right ratio to these Return tracks, depending on the position of the tool in space. This way you will not upset the balance of tools and add space. The main thing - do not overdo it!