Second Rejection

I have my second hard rejection. If anyone can please guide me on where I am going wrong, it would be greatly appreciated. The second rejection is this track here

Thank you


Hey There,

I took a listen and while I commend you on the effort, I’ve gotta say that the piece isn’t anywhere near the standard required to get accepted on here.

The composition is kinda nice but it’s sorta all over the place “motivational piano meets grunge guitar solo” as per your description :slight_smile: Not typically what you would see here. Everything sounds fairly “midi” and programmed and the samples aren’t really that great. It’s got a bit of an 90’s hold music type of vibe if that makes sense :stuck_out_tongue:

Mix/master wise it’s lacking a great deal as well. I think if you downloaded a few recent accepted pieces from here and put them in your DAW along side your piece it would become very evident. From balance/clarity to overall volume needs work but you can’t really fix the mix until you fix the composition itself. In this case I’d probably just scrap it and try again.

If you’re looking to get accepted on AJ you really need to write with that as the end goal. Find a few recently accepted pieces that you like on here, and build your track with them as reference for both composition/sound choices and mix/master.

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Thank you for the advice and taking a look. Its not what I would normally write as I normally write rock music, vocals etc. I used Garageband and still getting to grips with it to be honest. I have 2 more tracks waiting for review, Guitar Mission and Space Rave Journey, I cant post my website on here with the previews because it will not allow me to. My wife is currently in hospital so cant record much at the moment as I am basically a single dad for the next couple of weeks right at the start of summer holidays. I will keep trying and maybe post here before uploading to see if I can create something more suitable.

Thank you for taking a look, greatly appreciated, will keep trying :slight_smile:

hey no prob, if it makes ya feel any better my first attempts were wayyy worse than yours haha. I listened to the other tracks and i think they all fall under the hard reject category unfortunately, for mainly the same reasons I outlined.

There is a real “sound” here that you kinda have to shoot for and getting there requires quite a bit of study on mixing/producing/arranging and probably a decent outlay of cash to get some good samples/instruments/proper daw etc… There are full-time professional producers on here just killing it, so while you don’t need to “beat them” you definitely need to up your game as much as possible if you want to have any hopes of even getting on the field.

As someone who started as a total noob in the recording/stock music game a few years back I’d say that if you have any hopes/aspirations of turning this into some sort of profitable side-business I wouldn’t count on it. It’s definitely possible in the long-run but for the first few years (at least) the money/time spent will far outweigh any monetary gains for 99% of people. I’d have made far more mowing lawns or delivering papers :slight_smile:

But if you’re serious about recording/producing your own stuff, it’s a great way to practice and learn as much as you can while hopefully building a portfolio that will generate enough to buy some beer/gear at some point!

Good luck and hope your wife is out of the hospital as soon as possible!!



i love it.

Love this fiddle. tried to do something similar. Real fiddle or VST ?

for info, the website wher the link is coming from … good site ?
just discovered it via your link.

I have heard horrors here accepted and (may be) sold, that I will not put myself on any of my videos.
Your music on the other hand I will have accepted.

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Thank you so much. I listen to a lot of tracks on AudioJungle and see some really amazing pieces of work, very professionally mixed. I will keep trying and through this forum, it is a great help to help me get better and eventually have a track on AudioJungle. Even if the track wasn´t to sell, I would feel proud of having it accepted. It is good to have the strict review process, getting accepted would make it feel even more of a great achievement.

The website I put my tracks on is my own. I think it will be full of failed attempts but holds another opportunity for me to try and sell some music.

Most of the tracks I write have real guitar, bass and piano, the drums are samples that I mess with to try and get a variation of beats in each section. I also use some built in midi sounds and samples for the other instruments. Hoping to get a midi-keyboard very soon because the midi sounds are all created using the computer keyboard as my piano has no midi connection to the iMac. With this, I can then play everything live and tidy it up afterwards, cant wait!

Thank you for your kind words, big smile on my face and a lot more hope for the future, thank you :slight_smile: