not receiving my password reset link

I am trying to reset my password but I am not getting the mail from envato that would let me reset my password.
the irony is that I remember my password, but after putting my username and password it takes me to two factor authentication page saying that the security code is sent via email. but I did not receive that email either.

I did write to the help desk but they are taking forever to respond.
what could be the reason?
I added the to my contacts, checked spam - but nothing.
I am using a G-Suite set up for my website and mails.

Check if the domain is blocked on your G-suite, you may have added by mistaken.

nope. its not blocked. checked under cpanel on go daddy too to check if the IP is blocked.

also if the domain was blocked - I wouldn’t receive emails from envato correct? but the customer support mails which ends with are being delivered.

To reset (disable) 2 step verification you must contact support. They will guide you what to do, i have the same issue last year. It takes some time.

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My apologies for not talking about the same topic but I’ve been trying for 3 days to get help.i put a costumer support ticket but nobody answered me. My boss paid an envato elements subscription and by mistake he put my email wrong and I could not activate my account, im a bit hurry to use graphic resources, i need link my acount to that subscription already paid